Anna’s Inventory Favourites Tag

Tag was started by Cloud82. I’m pretty bored, so I decided to do it too! (Hey, that rhymes! Actually it doesn’t really because two is said the same way as too, but they’re both different words!)

Basically you’re supposed to show your top eight favourite hairs, tops, bottoms and outfits in your inventory but… I don’t really have a favourite outfit, top, and bottom. So I’ll just be showing my top favourite hairs and accessories (in general)! Not in order!



I don’t ever wear the ones on the bottom, but they look cute. That’s all that matters.

Accessories (Head accessories on top, body accessories on the bottom):


So yeah, that’s really it.




About Anna

You asked a good question.

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  1. A lot of people on Finsta (Fantage Instagram) want the chick, LOL. I’m guessing the worth of the item is starting to go up.

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