Best Outfit of the Day Ever + Special Thanks

Used three moonstone gems in hopes of Kittsay’s mask on my side account. Was not disappointed.

Anna is totes bootyful

I made an amazing outfit with it.

seriously, Anna is bootyful

I’m truly gorgeous, everyone. Best OOTD creator here! 🙂

I should win an award for this stuff.

I’m so glad they accepted Kittsay’s outfit… I mean, this was literally the outfit I REALLY wanted for it to be picked! I bet the Fantage developers laughed and felt like they had to add this in, for humour purposes. Hopefully I get this mask on my main account soon.

Also, special thanks to the following:

1. Mangos, for selling me coined Gianna’s hair for minimum price! Check out her blog in Fantage Otters!

In fact, I really like this outfit that I made with it:

the outfit

The outfit with the horse head is much better though. :^)

2. Katie (I don’t know if she owns a blog), for donating 2000 gold to me! Much appreciated! (Marina’s Note from the future: Katie now owns a blog at The Wand of Fantage!)

Marina says everyone on BRD is obsessed with Minty

Katie, Marina, and I had an amazing dance party in front of my kiosk.

and it was Minty-themed

3. CutieCake for holding on a chalk board for me! Hopefully soon we can meet, because I actually have gold now! 🙂 I’d link to her blog, but she has quit. 😦

Anyways, it’s a four day weekend for me since it’s thanksgiving! (For Canadians.) Tomorrow I’m going to be going to my friend’s house to work on our fitness assignment, but for the rest of the weekend I should be spamming you all with my fantastic posts.

Have a great Thursday everyone!



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