Daily Fashion – 10/11

Today’s Topic: Sleepwear

the chicks are cute

You know what guys? Let’s get ready for bed! (Even though it’s literally the morning where I live.) Well, it could be pajama day. Anyways, wear something loose to sleep in, grab the nearest pillow or stuffed animal, wear those slippers, and possibly add a face mask if you’d like to block out the pesky light! And who cares about what your hair looks like? No one is going to watch you while you sleep. Besides Santa Claus.

By the way, the Vaseline adventures continue.

But this time I’m not on TheSuperAnna01 (where I look like a generic popular fantagian with a high level.) No, this time I’m asking people… With a horse mask.


Okay, time to do all of my homework for real this time, then get started on drawing.

By the way CutieCake, if you’ve read all of this I want to thank you so much for giving me the chalk board, and I’m willing to draw something for you in return. I’m still trying to sing for you without my voice sounding really weird (the voice cracks, man) and I’ll make a “Ways to Wear It” with the board you for as well!

Have a great morning/afternoon/evening/night everyone!



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You asked a good question.

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    You even put that in the book you wrote me on Minecraft (I accidentally deleted that while clearing my inventory… sorry)


    • It’s the weirdest object I can think of. It’s the most random out of them all, AND Fantage allows me to say the word!
      It’s okay, I’ll just have to write you A BETTER ONE. ;D


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