Daily Fashion – 8/20

Today’s Topic: Newcomers of the Past (Old Noobs)

Marina did not crop this image as well as she could've

Dress like how a n00b would look like years ago! Just put on hairs and outfits that were once sold at Stellar Salon and Le Shop for non members! What’s funny is that some items that newcomers would wear are now worth a ton of gold. Man, they look so weird compared to newcomers today.

Now people who literally just started Fantage looks like this:

yes they do

However, most of them actually do look like a veteran player because of all of the eCoins they’re given from the easy tutorials. In the past, we were only given 500 eCoins IF we played seven days in a row, AND we had no video offers. There used to be a site called ‘FantageArcade” where you could earn like 5 eCoins watching a long video or downloading viruses for 100 eCoins. I remember trying to get as much as I could to buy a certain hair I wanted. I really don’t understand why people want old Fantage back, Fantage now is very generous, however there are still plenty of flaws which were the same back then.



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