Fantage Clubhouse in a Nutshell

The infamous Fantage Clubhouse. I’m pretty sure we all don’t use it, but majority of those who actually do end up making a fool of themselves. But then occasionally there are some intelligent people who really just make posts about how ridiculous everyone is acting like.



Fantage Club: Fantage edits, Fantage art, and tons of drama. (Heck, there was once a huge debate about religion awhile back.)

Fashion Club: Dresses, clothing, dress up game screenshots.

Music Club: Various bands (mostly emo bands and k-pop bands) and singers.

Friends Club: People and their BFFs.

Arts Club: Stolen art, stolen art, unoriginal characters, and okay/bad art, which is mostly anime or fnaf.

Anime Club: Weeaboos, weeaboos, weeaboos, Fairy Tail, Hetalia, Sword Art Online, Attack on Titan, tons of other popular anime, and western cartoons in an anime style. Also weeaboos. I also occasionally see blood and gore in some images, which shouldn’t be allowed on a kid’s website.

Pets Club: Actual pets.

Girls Club: Stuff girls post.

While searching the girl club, I found this:


For a second I thought it was a hate post towards me, lol. It’s actually an Anna edit from Frozen.

Game Club: Five nights at Freddy’s. (Seriously.)


I decided to ask this in the Game Club, can’t wait to see replies.

Celebrity Club: Actual celebrities.

Movie Club: Actual movies.

Sports Club: Actual sports.

Food Club: “Kawaii” foods, mainly sweets.

Computer Club: Nothing computer related at all.


So I decided to make an actual computer related post:


Family Club: Depressing family deaths, and family of fictional characters. I also found this:


(I actually don’t know Japanese, but I just want to see her reaction.)

Jokes Club: Jokes… But some are really offensive. Heck, I don’t get offended easily and sometimes I laugh at racist jokes (harmless ones such as Asians loving rice and that they eat it everyday) but some jokes I’ve seen in this club have gone TOO far… Or some jokes are just sad. These kids have a messed up sense of humour.


This joke is horrible.

I don’t really care if it’s “just a joke” but some jokes are just way too far.

TV club: Mainly cartoons, but really in general it’s just TV shows. (I feel tempted to post anime and say, “my favourite cartoon” to make weeaboos mad, haha.)

Mystery Club: Random stuff.

Photography Club: Photography and anime… For some reason.

anime may

Boys Club: Desperate girls looking for baes, or whuns.



Anyways.. Most of these clubs are pretty awful. Whoever actually likes it is strange. However, it was actually a lot better than it was in May (when I started making this post.) Fantage needs to find a way to make this club better, y’know? Have any interesting club house experiences? Comment below, I’d love to hear some!



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  1. What happened to the Five Nights at Freddy’s thing? What did people say?

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  2. Fantage Clubhouse… smh. I go there all the time, and this is exaclty what I see. -_-

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