Fashion with a Budget Challenge!

Hey guys, today I’m going to introduce a new challenge, called the “Fashion with a Budget!” Basically, you have to try to look as fashionable as you can in Fantage, only spending 3000 stars/eCoins in total for your whole outfit. That includes the board, the hair, the accessories, etc! There are some more details in the rules below!


  • Must only spend 3000 stars/eCoins in total. No gold. (Note, eCoins and stars must add up together to 3000, not 3000 each.)
  • You can not wear rare items. (From Orion’s rare finds.)
  • You can not wear Lucky Bot items.
  • You can not wear Cody’s Crazy Combos items.
  • If you’re a member, don’t use your free items from PM Boutique.
  • The items you wear must be currently in shops right now (besides MyMall of course) so they can’t be retired items.
  • They can’t be event items either.
  • When you post your outfit, list how much each thing costed! 🙂

SO BASICALLY, you can only wear items that are sold in the stores right now, and with a budget of 3000 stars/eCoins only.

Here’s what I came up with:

why am I reposting this post

Blue Striped Board – 300 stars

Purple Sunset Tee – 800 stars

Dandy Denim – 500 stars

Summer Shoes – 50 stars

Blue Straight Glasses – 100 eCoins

Olive Tone – 1000 eCoins

Checkered Clip – 100 eCoins

Stars spent: 1650

eCoins spent: 1200

Add them all together: 2850 stars and eCoins all together!

It doesn’t really look that good… But all good items are in the thousands. I’m curious to what you guys will come up with! If you do this, comment down below your post and I’ll check it out! 🙂 Have a great day everyone!



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