Least Favourite Outfit Tag

I have NO idea who created this tag, but I was nominated by those people who says, “I tag everybody” or “I tag you” or “I tag everyone who is reading this” etc.

Title explains itself, post your least favourite outfit!

you are totes pretty

Yangire is one of my spare accounts, in case anyone is wondering why I’m using a screencapture of another account. Actually, I think this outfit is wonderful. My favourite outfit by far, I think it will attract all of the guys. C’mon girls, tell me I’m pretty. 😉

I tag… Anyone who wants to do this, and they have no homework or test to study for.

Anyways, because it’s now the school week I’ll most likely not post anymore until Friday comes around! So stay tuned for the weekend. And please, do your homework and don’t procrastinate. I have a lot of math homework I should be doing right now, so see you all at Friday!




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You asked a good question.

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