So My Boyfriend Dressed My Fantage Avatar… + Weird Things Happen

It’s the weekend! Hip hip, hurray! My boyfriend doesn’t play Fantage. He never will since he’s not into virtual worlds or whatever. Out of curiosity and fun, I asked him to dress my guy account! Turns out, he hates everything I have on my guy account. So I asked him to do my girl account. He still dislikes the items, but at least made something that’s different instead of keeping half of the stuff the same!

Before He Took Over:

in which Anna looks like me

After He Took Over:

now she doesn't

He choose the bunny because he thought it was cute. My character looks so casual! I’d never wear this in Fantage, but apparently he thought it was nice. Ah, people who don’t play virtual worlds have completely different fashion tastes!

So what do you guys like better!? The outfit before, or the outfit after? (Be honest guys, he doesn’t even care about Fantage haha.) Y’all know that they both suck. 😉

If you have any trustworthy friends or significant others, even your family members, you should ask them to do this! (Ask people who have never played Fantage.) Have them choose your outfit on Fantage for you, to see how different they’d dress! In addition, they won’t know what’s popular so they won’t dress to look rich and stuff, but they’d actually dress what they think looks good. I’m pretty sure if popular items didn’t exist, we’d all dress completely differently than looking like clones.

On another note, strange things happen.

While trying to watch a lot of videos (for eCoins), literally three boys asked me if I wanted to date them. One of them said, “WAAHHHHH!” after I said no to him, and he “ran” away. Then he asked the girl beside me. She was off from the computer, since she didn’t respond or move. O-Okay… Sorry guys, I don’t date people I just met on the internet. You guys shouldn’t too. It’m considering always dressing ugly so that no one asks me, since I feel awful when nine year old boys run out crying that a fourteen year old mature female from the internet says no. (Haha!) Besides, my wonderful actual real life who boyfriend, Jared already stole my heart. ❤ But seriously though, this “whun” and “bae” thing on Fantage is ridiculous. And what kind of person just asks someone from the street, “wanna date?”

Again, while trying to watch a lot of videos, people were speaking in another language, or maybe it’s just plain gibberish. Kind looked like Spanish though. One girl yelled at me, “GISSSSSSSSEEE!” (Or it seemed like she was yelling at me, I’m not too sure.) I think that’s entirely gibberish, but I don’t know. o_o

Deluxe Reporter Camera is now a limited pet sale thingy! :^)

Deluxe Reporter Camera is now a limited pet sale thingy! :^)

Have a great day everyone! Comment down below your results if you had someone else choose an outfit on Fantage for you. 🙂



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  1. As you know, I am in the process of building my harem ˶⚈Ɛ⚈˵
    I will be the most beautiful pimp ever!

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