Things Wrong with Fantage

Note: I wrote this a long time ago and you might have noticed that I have changed things a bit. My viewpoints change, y’know?

Hello everyone, it’s Anna. I’m normally a person who doesn’t care much when it comes to virtual worlds. A lot of people believe that non members don’t have much freedom, but I believe that premium members don’t really have much else besides the fact that they have access to more clothing. Gameplay is basically the same. However, there are some ridiculousthings placed on Fantage, it’s not even funny. I’m going to list them here. Feel free to comment below more things that you believe is unfair!

1. eCoining Removed.

Before you could click on a starred premium member only item, and pay for it with ecoins to get the item back. But now, you can’t do that! In all honestly, bringing it back would be an even smarter choice to get more money. They have a reason to buy more ecoins to return an old item! I know Fantage wants people to purchase that twelve month premium membership, however I know most people would rather have gold (or eCoins before) than a membership. In fact, if they really wanted some cash, they could have changed it to golding instead. I’d rather have that than no way of returning an old item at all.

2. Fantage Filter Chat System.

It’s so, so bad. I think anyone who’s played Fantage knows that I’m talking about. Not even simple things, such as numbers in word form show up. What bothers me the most is how periods and apostrophes don’t show, so I can’t speak with my perfect grammar. I cry every time. It’s really hard to read, and most of the time I just say “awesome” a lot since I want my text to show by using the uqly trick.

3. Fantage Club House. (It’s barely supervised.)

You know what? The Fantage Club House is bad itself. There’s normally drama and other stuff. In fact, I’ve seen pictures with swearwords on them! Aren’t the photos checked!? Fantage is mainly for children. If I had a kid who played a virtual world and there were swearwords all over the place, I would never, ever let my child touch that website ever again. I’ve even seen some graphic images in the anime club. (Blood and gore.) Call me creepy, but I enjoy seeing some bloody artwork. But, this is a game for kids. Kids shouldn’t be exposed to that kind of stuff. Then again, most kids are calling themselves “mature” and are exposed to tons of the horrible things on the internet, so I guess even then they’ll see those things anyways.

4. Banning People.

Some people are banned for an absolutely no good reason in Fantage. While some people will insult others, other people will report those people, and those who say inappropriate things won’t even be punished for their actions. In fact, people regularly insult me in areas where you don’t even have the ability to look at their IDFone and report them, like in Fashion Show games! I’ve encountered multiple people who would insult me just for winning the game. Now, since I’m a teenager I can handle immature insults. But with Fantage’s target audience kids can find that extremely offensive.

5. The Community!

Probably the worst part of Fantage! I personally believe that you guys are great, but for the rest of the community (especially the teenagers who need a life outside of a virtual world for kids like me) are so rude. They act like they’re all better than you because they have a higher level, they’ll treat you poorly just because you’re new to the website. What’s also unfortunate, is how greedy we have come to be. We all want gold. Even to the point where people hack other people’s accounts to take their precious items that you could sell for a fortune, or where they take away all of your gold.

There are also whuns (boyfriend/girlfriend on fantage) which… Doesn’t really make any sense at all. Why would you want to date someone online, someone who you don’t know what they look like and how old they are? I’m completely fine with online dating, but if you’re playing Fantage you’re probably too young to be in a relationship as well. Random story about whuns: One day I was on my boy account and I was in the restaurant (on the cruise ship) and I saw this couple. The male then said, “I have to go now, bye.” and left. Then the girl said after he left, “I need a whun.” She then went to me and asked if I wanted to be her whun. Obviously I said no, but she continued on her adventure to find one. So if you do get a whun, just know that they’re probably cheating on you when you’re offline!

So, that’s really all I have so far. As said in the beginning, if there’s something else you want to add feel free to comment! Now have a lovely day everyone!



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  1. Omg agreed 110% but sometimes I do like going to the Anime Clubhouse… although I do agree that stuff shouldn’t be posted cuz it IS a children’s website… Fantage really needs to take into consideration the opinions of the users.


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