Vaseline Fun Times

Sometimes I spread Vaseline all over my body, and pretend that I am a slug. -Wise words from the internet.

So I was voice chatting with Marina, and we both did random stuff on Fantage. We decided to go on a popular server, go on bae tryouts, and annoy people.

I first began telling people that they smelled fine, and then tried to ask people if I could spread Vaseline all over their body. Turns out you can’t say spread, so I just said, “wanna be my vaseline?” To people.

It was hilarious, let me tell you! Marina and I died laughing, and came back to life just to provide you with images! 🙂 She took more images than I did, but here are my share:

of course I do Vaseline is bae Vaseline is love Vaseline is life everyone wants to be your Vaseline all the boys love Vaseline WHATTTTTTT even Not Barney likes Vaseline Anna missed the part where the girl put the Vaseline on her cake and ate it

You can see more images of the event on Marina’s Fantage blog, here.

Anyways, next time you go in a whun/bae tryout, ask people if they can be your Vaseline. 😉


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  1. … I now understand the beauty of Vaseline.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. i laf evry tiem
    THIS IS HILARIOUS “wil u b my vasline” PFFFT


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