Ways to Wear It – Airy Peach Shirt

What’s up? It’s Anna, and right now I’m playing on Fantage, being annoyed that Lucky Bot hasn’t updated it so that it gives you double the chance of good items. So I’m using all of my Lucky Bot tickets and crying internally because I’m getting terrible furniture. Fantage, please program it so it automatically sets the chance in there, rather than doing it manually. Anyways, onto the post!

Today’s Item: Airy Peach Shirt

the shirt

This item is only worth 700 stars/eCoins (or 560 gold, but you should only use gold for MyMall or limited items), and yet it’s so cute! More of you guys should be wearing this, because of how good it looks. Stop wearing overrated popular items that are millions of gold in MyMall. 🙂

By the way, this shirt and the Faded Red Shorts (from the Tomato Festival event) looks amazing with the Airy Peach Shirt! So do that! And if you don’t have the shorts, I’m pretty sure there’s that one person trying to sell it in MyMall. (If you don’t know what they look like, I’m literally wearing them in all of these Ways to Wear It.)


(This outfit actually looks good with those overrated sandals that you all are obsessed with.)

Marina is never not lazy enough to post two separate images

These are ways that I’d style it! What do you guys like the most? First, second, or third? Comment down below!

Now allow me to get a bunch of eCoins and invest in these items. Hopefully they retire quickly, so that I can sell them at MyMall. Huehuehue…..



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  1. Oh… Oh WOW. That’s the shirt the first girl of my harem was wearing when we met XD

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