Ways to Wear It – Bluekirby123’s Purple Blouse

Hey, it’s Marina for the third time in two days. That’s right, my secret plan for world domination is to post a ton on here so…uh…people will bake more pastries for everyone. 😉 Anyway, since we don’t have a lot of fashion posts and our only ongoing fashion-related thing is Daily Fashion, I figured I’d start a new series of fashion posts: Ways to Wear It! Now you can see how Anna and I would suggest wearing any given item. You can also see how few shoes and boards I have. Let’s get started, shall we?

Today’s Item: Bluekirby123’s Purple Blouse


Personally, I don’t see how that’s a blouse, but whatever.
I'm too lazy to repost three pics separately

These are what I’d wear with the shirt. I think I like the first outfit the best, because the moment I put the shirt together with the jeans, I knew I didn’t make a mistake in buying either of the items. The third outfit is pretty cool, too, I guess, since it’s more formal and all. I’ll totally admit to being lazy with the second one, though. It’s just that I don’t have a lot of stuff that goes with this top and blah blah excuses… 😛

Which outfit is your favorite?

– Marina


About Marina

Why do the people who get to the ending of Mii Trek not want to discuss it…like, at all? Sheesh…

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