Ways to Wear It – Gorgeous Blonde Hair

This is going to require a little explanation. When I started out on Fantage, before I even had a blog about it, I really liked the Gorgeous Blonde Hair (and its CCC recolor, which was pretty much my signature hair for a while). Seeing pictures like this one (credit to Amberliya) made it one of my most wanted items…but, unfortunately, it was never coined at MyMall. Now, even before the fiasco with my brown BB hair, I knew that starred items were unwearable unless you were a PM. What I didn’t know was that this only applied to some starred items (though Fantage really never made it clear on which ones those were). So time went by, I got Kittsay‘s blonde hair, and I mostly forgot about this particular hairstyle – until my BFF Katie started wearing it. And as the result of an experiment we tried, I now have her old hair! (Katie bought one for herself, so she still has it.) Thanks, Katie! 🙂

As you might have guessed by now, this post is about…

Today’s Item: Gorgeous Blonde Hair

shockingly enough, this image is not reposted from FR

This hair was from December 2013, but I don’t know whether it was from an event or just a shop item. Wherever it’s from, though, anyone can wear it, and it usually goes for minimum price at MyMall! (This being if you’re lucky enough to find it at all, since nobody seems to like putting it up anymore…)

The hair itself is pretty versatile, since it doesn’t have any built-in accessories you have to take into consideration. I’d say it looks better with more tomboyish/casual items than with anything really frilly or formal, though. You also have to take the size of the hair into consideration – things like the Mouse Band work with it, but a lot of other headbands don’t. Experiment and see which items work best for you!

neither is thisor this oneyeah, you get the picture

You might have noticed that a lot of these outfits look suspiciously like outfits I’ve worn before, only with a different hairstyle. Well, that goes to show you how versatile the Gorgeous Blonde Hair is! It barely even needs its own post about how to style it, but I thought the hair could use a little more love. Seriously, guys, when I go to Google it, I only get random popular hairstyles. 😦

Also, as a bonus, this is how I would’ve styled this hair back in March… (Except for the shoes, which I JUST realized were off. They’re meant to be the leopard flats, but I don’t really feel like changing the image because you can tell what the outfit is and I have to finish something else.)


Uh, yeah, that’s sort of cute, but I’m not as big a fan of those shorts anymore. Or the shirt. Or the scarf. Yeah…

Which outfit is your favorite? 😛



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