Ways to Wear It – Red Chalk Board

Yeah, it’s the weekend! Recently, my close friend CutieCake gave me the Red Chalk Board! Thank you so much CutieCake! I’m pretty sure she started blogging again, so go check out her blog.

Today’s Topic: Red Chalk Board

hmm, it's more of a coral

Most of you guys probably have this board because of how popular it is. Everyone wants those popular items for whatever reason. I don’t know about you, but it’s not as easy to style it as you might think. (Or I just barely have any items, because I’m going to admit that 99% of my items came from Lucky Bot and Cody’s Crazy Combos.) Anyways, because CutieCake requested me to do this, I’ll do it for her!

I find that this board looks good with a lot of pink items! :>

(Not going to lie, you’ve seen me wear these outfits before, but I only just wore the board, haha.)

once again, Marina was too lazy to take separate pics

Now here’s an extra one, me trying to look as generic as I possibly can (since this is a popular item, after all):

Anna is generic

So what is your personal opinion about this board? Is it too popular, or underrated? Which one is your favourite? Should they make more chalk covers? Should this be renamed to “Pink Chalk Board” because it’s literally pink, not red? Do you have better ways to style this board without wearing a plethora of popular items? Do you even know what plethora means? Personally, I love the first one. Comment down below! Have a great time everyone!



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