Why are we here?

Marina’s words are in the default colour, and Anna’s words are bolded and blue. Just so you don’t get us both confused since we both have a say! Marina is going to start us out.

Also, we’re going to be swearing a couple of times, sorry.


I wrote most of this on Sunday, October 18, 2015, when I was incredibly fed up with what was going on on FantageRop. Aside from a few things I’ve had to edit in here, this is the full story of what’s happened over the past several months that has made Anna and me annoyed enough to switch blogs. Everything that I added after the 18th will be in italics and have the date I added it in there, just so we’re clear on what happened when.

I don’t even know where to begin. This blog has been waiting to be made for a long time, probably since August (or even before that). It’s going to be a bit of a jump going from FantageRop to this, but we both hope you’ll bear with us. I guess I should stop being vague about everything and explain what’s been going on behind the scenes with FR. It would’ve had to happen eventually, after all.

First off… I’m sure everyone who’s paid enough attention has noticed that my posts on FR look a lot different from my posts on my main blog, and that Anna’s posts look a lot like mine. (Bliss and Ameee are another story.) Well, that’s because Rop has always been incredibly picky about the way we post. I didn’t even know this until halfway through the authors contest, and I was pretty shocked to find that out. Even after he “quit”, he edited things on the blog. It was like he was always looming over us in a way.

It got a bit better as September became October. Anna and I became even closer (which I’m really grateful for :’)) and Ameee joined the ranks of the FR staff. And about Ameee, she didn’t follow any of the rules. For example, we had to center our pictures and remove the links to them, and we couldn’t repost things from other blogs we worked on. Ameee followed neither of those rules. Things were getting a little more lax, and both Anna and I knew it. Life was good.

Another thing before I get into what happened over the past two days – I added Rop back in June when we played Q-Blast together. Recently (sometime last week), I was logging into Fantage when I noticed he was online. Out of curiosity, I joined his server…only to watch him run away from me without giving any sort of explanation – or even talking at all. I found Rop in Q-Blast, with his name halfway blocked by what Gizmo was saying. Then he left, but this time, he removed me.

I talked to Anna about this, and neither of us knew what was going on or why Rop would remove me without giving a reason. The one thing we knew was that it was pretty suspicious.

So imagine my surprise when, yesterday, I went on my WP Reader and found a post from Rop. Rop, the guy who supposedly quit (and made a huge show of it, too), making a post about a new project he had. A project I apparently knew about. What?

Rather than copying and pasting the entirety of the email he sent us, I’ll just sum it up by saying that Rop decided we should all move onto a new blog for no real reason. None of us (“us” being me, Anna, and Ameee, since Selena moved to Fantage Spy and Bliss was fired) knew anything about this project before Rop posted about it on FR. If any of you remember SkyTropic, then it honestly came off as looking a lot like that to me – the intention was to make the blog look like a city, with pages for things like a café, a museum, a concert hall, stuff like that. Honestly, Rop, I think you’d have done a bit better with that idea had you made a forum.

The reason Rop said he wanted to do this was because he wanted a fresh start. The reason we think he actually wanted to do this was because he was annoyed FantageRop wasn’t about him anymore. Look on anyone’s list of people they tag to do things – odds are you’ll see Anna a few times. Even I’ve been tagged, and when that’s happened, I’ve been associated with FR rather than my main blog. Since joining FR, I’ve also had a lot of people come up to me on Fantage telling me they know me from blogging. If you were someone who always wanted things done your way, you’d be upset when the other people on your blog were more well-known than you, wouldn’t you?

Another thing about this new blog was that Rop wanted even more rules to go with it. Along with the always centering and removing the links to images, we wouldn’t be allowed to use headers, strikethroughs, parentheses, or satire tags. Several of these rules were obviously targeted at one or more of the authors, because we’d managed to do things Rop didn’t like. That was what this was, really. Rop didn’t like what we were doing with the blog he quit and left us, so he wanted control again.

Anna also made Rop send me an email apologizing for removing me (they were talking on Google Hangouts). Turns out the reason he did so was apparently because he wanted to remove the people he didn’t talk to. But if you never went on Fantage, why would that matter to you? And why would you remove one of the people who worked on your blog?

In his email apologizing to me, Rop also asked what I thought about the new blog. I was honest and said I wouldn’t work on it if he did so (I actually don’t think I can handle working on more blogs than I currently do, mostly because of school). He explained that he wanted to replace FR with this blog. I said I didn’t think that was a good idea, citing the number of views FR has as one of the reasons why. Rop never replied to me, but he took my advice, as evidenced by what happened today.

Today. Oh, man, today. I’d list all of the changes Rop made to FR, but it’d take a while and I don’t even know everything he did. First of all, he changed the theme to Sapor, which I may hate even more than Penscratch. It looked really, really ugly compared to Mystique (the theme both FantageRop and this blog currently have). Then he changed it back. All of the page names from the new blog got carried over to FR, and the about pages got merged. Various pages were also removed from everywhere except the sidebar, making it incredibly difficult to navigate. Anna was annoyed, too, because her page about the Unicorn Adventure event “mysteriously” disappeared. Oh, and “Salon dé Recolorer” isn’t even good French. It literally means “Living Room Die (as in the singular form of dice) Recoloring”. If you want to have a page with a French title, don’t make it a crappy French title on a blog where two of your coworkers can speak French.

This is what pushed Anna and me completely over the edge, though I honestly didn’t feel like working on FantageRop anymore after yesterday. (Which, again, was the 18th at the time of this writing.)

10/21/15: Over the next few days, as I was working on reposting our events here, I kept noticing more little things that changed on FR. Posts suddenly had tildes in them that were never there before. The font changed to this really ugly blocky font that neither Anna nor I liked AT ALL.

Then Rop made a post today listing all the changes he’d made on the blog, though he made it sound like we were involved, too. See the pattern here? He also added this stadium page with a list of events I didn’t even know we were planning. And at the end of his post, he said he was leaving Anna, Ameee, and me to continue posting. So he basically came out of nowhere, tried to force us to do things the way HE wanted them done, and left. Lovely. -_-

Mangos, who is close to Anna and who’d known about this blog and our problems with Rop in general before this post, left a comment saying she found FR incredibly confusing to navigate. I replied to her comment, saying that I agreed. Then Rop replied to me and asked me what I found confusing, which I didn’t reply to. A couple of hours later, I checked back and found the two posts were gone.

10/23/15: After a week of not talking to us at all, Rop sent us another email. He told us that we didn’t have to follow his new posting style, but we did have to host his events. Considering the first event he planned out would have taken place three days from now, there really wasn’t a lot of advance notice. Again, it was him telling us what to do and then leaving. If you’re going to make us host contests, would it kill you to BE A LITTLE MORE SPECIFIC? Or maybe to GIVE US SOME TIME TO FIGURE OUT WHAT WE’RE DOING WITH THE EVENTS? I know from running a forum that if you want to host an event, you have to figure out a date for it that works best for everyone, then officially announce it BEFORE it happens. And no, having a date scheduled “tentatively” does not count.

To Rop, since I know you’ll end up reading this, you were an asshole. I didn’t even have to deal with all this for as long as Anna did, and what you did still irritated me. You tried so hard to make yourself seem all easygoing and “chill”, but you really, really weren’t. And now it’s backfired on you. Have fun with your new project, because I’m sure as hell not going to be involved in any more of it. Also, stop being so picky about other people’s grammar when it’s already much better than yours.

To Ameee (and Bliss), I’m sorry that you got caught up in this drama. If you decide to stay on FR, I definitely won’t hold it against you; if you don’t, that’s fine, too. No matter what you do, though, I hope you won’t let Rop and the stick up his butt get to you.

To everyone else, I hope this clears up any questions you might’ve had about what was going on with FantageRop. Hopefully you’ll continue to follow the two of us on this blog, too.



Like Marina, I’m not sure where to start. I guess I’ll just go in chronological order, explaining why I finally decided to quit. I’d like to begin with being completely honest… The reason why I joined FantageRop wasn’t a selfless reason. Nah, it was entirely selfish. I didn’t do it to help Rop post at all.

You see, I first found his blog when he made that entire egg guide for Easter. (Same with most people.) I’ve seen a lot of Fantage blogs before his, and what stood out to me the most about FantageRop is that Rop actually wrote with excellent grammar and spelling… For the most part. Rop, you’ve used the wrong their/there/they’re so many times it’s making me cringe (it makes me cringe in general, actually. Guys, learn the difference between their/they’re/there please. This is first grade stuff.)

I thought he was a really chill and friendly dude. Anyways, while stalking his entire blog I noticed a post on where he was hiring FantageRop staff! So this is where my selfish reason comes to play. He has been blogging for around two years, and since he didn’t write like your generic ten year old I had this theory: Rop was going to quit later this year, and he wants someone to continue his blog. I should have screencapped my conversation with Jared from before, haha. (My theory was so correct! …For the most part.) He has almost two hundred followers at that point, and I was interested in creating a Fantage blog in general. I don’t know about you guys, but I’d rather start out by having an existing fanbase than slowly reaching the top. It’s much easier.

Anyways, I sent my application to FantageRop:

application form

I’m pretty sure you can assume what the questions were. I forgot what they were exactly, though.

Anyways, me and several other people who sent in an application forum had to go on the FantageRop test blog (it was called BrightFantageRop or something, he deleted it) to make a tour of Fantage. My post was long and had plenty of details. One person had awful grammar (sorry if you’re reading this) and another person didn’t follow the topic and decided to make a cheat on how to fly. Most of the people didn’t reply to Rop’s email on the next round, so I think it’s obvious that I would have been chosen, with my fully detailed explanation and all. (Success!)

Y’know, three weeks later he FINALLY told me that I won.

rop's wish

But he lied about the 20th of April, he meant to add me on the 22nd, haha.

Anyways, I made my introduction post. The title to that post was, “Your New Author, Anna.” All formal and such. But shortly after it was posted, Rop changed the title and fixed some errors that didn’t need correcting at all… He renamed it to “Anna’s Spectacular Entrance.” I was really pissed off during that week. I even went to tell my in real life friends that I began to work on a blog, and my boss changed my title to “Anna’s Spectacular Entrance.” I raged to Jared the most and he understood my pain, since my formal title was superior. >:P 

Anyways, every time I posted Rop would always change things… That really didn’t need changing. Like for example, one time I used – when something was about to happen (for example, in the fish fish booty event originally it was “After many attempts of playing Fish Fish, I can finally unlock the treasure chest! I hope I get 1000 gold! Alright, HERE COMES-” and then Rop changed the dash at the end to a “…”) Simple things like that bothered the heck out of me, and when I told Jared about it he told me that he feels like Rop is only doing that just to show that he has power over me, and wants to empathize that power.

I’m a pretty good observer, so I came to realise what he wanted in my posts. I did the headers he added onto my posts, I added colour, I tried to make it impossible for him to edit it without changing it to be grammatically incorrect for sure, etc. 

I was patience and waited for the day for Rop to leave… During the summer I decided that I wanted to take a break entirely from Fantage for around two weeks. Once I announced my hiatus, Rop informed me that he was actually GOING TO QUIT AT THE END OF THE SUMMER. Bro, you have no idea HOW HAPPY I WAS. MY THEORY WAS SO CORRECT. YESSSSSS.

life was good

Occasionally I’d check up on WordPress to see what’s up, and one day I noticed that in my notifications people liked my unfinished MyMall/stars guide, and Marina commented… When I wasn’t finished. It was a draft, but Rop decided to submit it. His reason was that he thought I was going to be gone for awhile and that I might have forgotten to submit that. Bro, if you’ve read it fully you’d know that one section is missing, and I’d occasionally work on it slowly at a time. If I finished, I would have submitted it right there. Rop, you’re just lazy and you have no idea what to post. Well, don’t post my stuff without my consent!

Fast forward, he quit:


I was happy to take full control over his blog and his fame, aww yeah. Unfortunately… After a few days that he has “quit” he has edited my pages and posts STILL, accepted comments, and even sent me a lovely email about how he wants his posts:

rop please

I don’t know about you man, but if you quit, you quit. Why even bother about how your authors/admins post? You’ve basically left me with FantageRop, so I’m pretty sure what happens to that blog is none of your business, as long as I’m leading it to the right direction. If you want the fame, secretly monitor the blog still, and actually post. (Don’t just occasionally come and monitor the blog posts your authors make.) I swear, if the blog actually got 10k views on average every month Rop would have bought the domain name and put ads on it, making money off of our posts. The fact that I was still being stalked even after someone claims to have quit also disturbs me. I also noticed someone added “if you want a happy life, tie it to people, not objects.” In the sidebar on FantageRop. That also creeped me out, why would you add that Rop? (Assuming it’s him.)

Anyways, eventually I stopped noticing comments suddenly being accepted, so it appears that Rop was stopped stalking us for a little while. Life was good. Then Marina told me about Rop deleting her on Fantage, which is extremely suspicious. Under a week I believe Rop made those posts about some upcoming project and changes that he decided to create! All happened so suddenly too!

rop stop

I had enough of this, I wanted to know the answers so I confronted him about everything. I finally questioned him, because at this point I have power. You see, he rarely interacts with the Fantage WordPress community. I do. I mean, if he suddenly fired me and called me a horrible person, yet I talk about him I’m pretty sure my blogger friends I’ve made are more likely to trust me. (Heck, I’m even showing evidence! Haha.)

rop stop

So yeah, I talked to Rop on hangouts, and he confesses that he’s an asshole!

at least he confesses

However… He does nothing about it. He confesses that he does care too much about the format and that it doesn’t matter, yet doesn’t do anything to say “it’s alright guys, you don’t have to do it.”

I also kinda forced him to apologise to Marina.

at least he confesses

Eventually they never added each other back (Rop doesn’t seem to like to reply to emails it seems.) Marina sent him an email saying that she doesn’t want to work on it, and it doesn’t make sense to start fresh when you have almost 300 followers and 100k views. A day later Rop decided to change around FantageRop, if you’ve been paying attention to his posts… The font has changed to something that’s probably just as worse as comic sans, and he made his blog look more “professional,” similar to a city I suppose? I’m not sure, but he’s kinda trying way to hard. I’d say more, but Marina has basically covered majority of what I wanted to say. I just mainly wanted to provide my evidence and share my personal story about working here.

He also y’know, leaves us to control events and says that he’ll be coming back. No thanks man.


Since it appears that Rop wants control, I’ve decided that I’m completely done with his blog. It was fun abusing his fame while it lasted, even though when I immediately became an author on FantageRop it felt more like FantageAnna since I was the mainly the one posting. I wished that he didn’t have to do all of those things so that I could abuse his fame even further for my own personal gain, haha. I mean, if I was getting paid, this would be a different story… But this is what I do in my free time. As a straight A high school student who is involved in many extra curricular activities, I barely have any free time and I’d hate to use that time to make blog posts that Rop desires. If he wants it that way, he can run his blog, whatever. I hate being placed rules yet I still want to blog about Fantage to a degree, so Marina and I decided to create this blog together. 

That’s all I really have to say at this point. I know I truly am a mean person, but at least I’m honest about it. I don’t try to be fake. This is probably the rudest part you’ll ever see me on this blog, but I really just wanted to get this out of my system. Don’t worry about me being rude or swearing in the future, haha.

To Rop: You’re kinda on your own now. Unless you’re willing to pay me real cash. But hey, this means you can finally get your new fresh start you desired! Good luck! Hopefully all goes well for you. 🙂

To Ameee: I made you an admin, so that you can help out with Rop. Feel free to do what you wish with the blog, I trust you with everything! 🙂

Hopefully some of you guys will support our decision, we just couldn’t deal with rules that doesn’t make any sense anymore. Have a great day, hopefully Marina and I will see you as a supporting fan (or friend, because I hate calling people fans) of this blog soon.



About Marina

Why do the people who get to the ending of Mii Trek not want to discuss it…like, at all? Sheesh…

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  1. Oh I see, I would understand how annoying it would be getting your posts edited ALL THE TIME. Also, Anna your title is superior :DD

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I found this site hours before you posted about it, it just took me awhile to comment my thoughts. Hi, it’s kind of interesting to know that since I trusted you, especially Anna, and how I thought that you would understand what I was trying to do was wrong, and how you would just assume that I wanted fame, that I was a backstabber to the authors that I hired, but why would I do all this? I never intended to hurt anybody, I was just dumb. We are all young, and we are all trying to discover ourselfs.

    I acknowledge that I do some pretty stupid things, but I’m trying to correct it, but I find it childish that you would gossip about all the things I did wrong. To save you from a cheesy boring story, I’m just going to conclude that I am sorry for all the things that I did, the things that seem like I was trying to harm you in a malicious way, but I don’t know what to do sometimes. I’m always blinded about the things that seem good to me, and that’s my problem. But that doesn’t mean that you can do this, especially when your confronting people who don’t know who they are yet. I have a lot of things I need to work on, and I’m trying to correct it (I’ve already tried a couple of ways that didn’t go so well), and I would just like to say I’m sorry, and thanks for waking me up.


    • I’d like to begin with asking how did you find our site? Marina and I literally didn’t show anyone or leave hints of us making our own blog. It was just all us, so how were you able to find it…? Personally I didn’t really assume that you were trying to gain fame as much as I thought that you wanted control. (With how we have to write posts a certain way, and how you kept on editing things on my posts when they didn’t need editing.) At least you’re confessing, I suppose.
      Gossip means “casual or unconstrained conversation or reports about other people, typically involving details that are not confirmed as being true,” and I showed evidence to back up what I was saying. I do admit that part of it was just assuming, but I seriously felt like (and I still am) being attacked and that I was being controlled. And don’t say that you’ll save me from a cheesy story, TELL me the cheesy story. It doesn’t make sense to vaguely say it since people will then become curious. If you want it to stay personal, you can email me it. I promise I won’t reveal that part, if it’s so personal.
      Maybe we can work on this together, but at the meantime you still need to answer my questions:
      Why did you check up on us when you said you’ve quit?
      Why did you give us rules when you’ve quit?
      Why did you feel like you had to post something when I was on hiatus?
      Why are you stalking us?
      If you call yourself a bad person for having us wanting to follow a certain format, why tell us to still write in one?
      And a new question: Why was I demoted and why fire Marina? Why wasn’t I fired also?
      If you haven’t noticed, I was being honest and I said bad things about myself. I didn’t entirely play as the victim here.
      If you’re truly sorry, fix things yourself. Anyways, hopefully you have a good time running FantageRop without us!

      Liked by 4 people

    • What happened to u rop? Why u being such a hoi thought u quit

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh god.
    I feel so bad for you. I would be seriously pissed, too, at having my posts always edited.


  4. I spent five minutes reading through that and I think it was worth it. I believe you guys made the right decision to quit. If I were you, I would be overwhelmed by all of the commotion going on. 😀


  5. I like how @ropstar liked it LOOL

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I have to say, I edit my authors posts sometimes but I always change it to a different so they know 😉


    • Well, I’ve edited things Anna has written before, but that’s because she’s asked me to. Not like what Rop was doing to us. And “so they know”… Yeah… We didn’t know anything until after the fact… :/

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Wow I didn’t even think that anything was going on . I support your decision fully . If you can’t make posts without it being changed (a lot) then whats the point of you posting it . Good luck with this blog !!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It shocked me, too. Up until I became an author on FR, I never would’ve guessed how much drama went on behind the scenes. Thanks for your support! Once everything is a little less dramatic, we’ll go back to posting new content. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  8. “To Ameee (and Bliss), I’m sorry that you got caught up in this drama.”

    I honestly left because I didn’t like how strict the rules were. I didn’t have fun posting on the blog at all, the posts I wrote on Fantage Rop compared to the posts on my main blog are way different.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Honestly, I almost didn’t want to become an author for the same reason. I’m glad I stayed on, though, because it led to Anna and me becoming pretty close…but ugh, the rules. Good for you for leaving right away if you hated it!


      • Yeah, I’m glad that you left the blog, too. And I’m also glad that you feel the same way I did, I felt so entrapped in the blog, like I had no freedom of how I wanted my posts to be like.


  9. Hey friend! This is Selena. If you don’t remember me, I used to be good friends with Ropstar and used to work on his blog. I now word for fantage spy which is cloud82’s blog. It’s hard to chat on here since I don’t go on WordPress very often, but could you email me at selenayao12@gmail.com ? I have a lot of questions!! Thanks again!


    • Hey! (Don’t worry, I do remember you.) I don’t actually check my email a lot, but if you’re on right now, then just feel free to ask us here! If you don’t want to, though, that’s fine. 😛


  10. Hi friends. This is Selena! I used to work for fantage Rop and I now work for fantage spy! Would you mind telling me your email so I could ask you a few questions on what’s been happening? Thank you so much! My email is selenayao12@gmail.com
    It’s really hard to talk on WordPress since I don’t really go on here anymore.


  11. Omg LOOOO YOU WERE HIM FOR FAME. Tsk tsk Anna. (I’m jk) btw, you should add me back on Fantage. So sorry for deleting you, I feel so bad now ;( your new blog is looking great and I hope you’ll become successful.


  12. oh im shocked
    what makes blogs special is having different styles on different posts
    it looks pretty lame when its all the same
    no offense but i thought u 2 were dull and boring cause ur posts had the same style (i changed my mind when i saw ur other blog :P)
    rules r there to be broken not followed


  13. misspiggy12093847

    I never knew you guys were having a hard time, otherwise I remember when you drew a drawing for him before you left I thought you were sad that he was leaving. I thought he told you a couple weeks before of the ‘Project’. I’m really sad you’re leaving Fantage Rop since you guys brought a lot of energy and life to it. I really love the header with the Vasaline on it it looks beautiful by the way. Also I really hope this blog becomes a successful as Fantage Rop too!


    • Thanks. :^) Vaseline 5 life yo.
      I did it because I expected FantageRop to be basically mine now, but it’s just that giving him something would be the last thing I have to do for him.


    • I wasn’t a worker on FR before Rop left, so I can’t really comment on the drawing thing. And NOPE, we didn’t know ANYTHING about the project before Rop posted about it! -_- It’s going to be a bit of an adjustment for everyone with having us move to this blog, but both Anna and I think this is really for the better in the long term. And thank you for your support! 🙂


  14. That is quite horrible actually! 😮
    Hope you enjoy blogging on this blog now.


  15. Fuck Rop, eveRyone probably hates him right now. He edits people’s posts, what the hell? Why is he still here after he stated that he left?
    I really hope this blog is successful because Rop is just a bitch.
    And I love the Vaseline in the header^°

    Liked by 2 people

    • Vaseline is love. Vaseline is life. :^)


    • Thanks for your support! 🙂
      Yeah, Rop has always been kind of sketchy. Not making the effort to actually talk to the people who read his blog, editing our stuff after he QUIT BLOGGING…
      Haha, thanks! Like Anna said, Vaseline is love, Vaseline is life. 😉


  16. I still don’t really get Fantage, but I’m still following you guys for the cute fashion! (^▽^)/

    Hopefully you guys can really enjoy blogging now! Rop sounds like a dictator, to be honest.

    Liked by 1 person

  17. he said he’ll be back on December lets see lol


    • Maybe. Honestly, I don’t really care what he does or doesn’t do with his blog now that we’re not on it. But if he targets me or Anna for some reason, I’m definitely going to get pissy. -_-


  18. αℓεxαη∂яα εїз αℓεx-ȼнαη εїз

    Rop seemed like such a good fantagian who helps out!
    Well there’s a inner evilness of everyone.


    • Rop always tries to make himself look better than he actually is… -_- That’s why I followed him in the first place. He doesn’t show his true colors until a while after you’ve met him…


    omg, I had no idea what was going on in the past 2-4 months.


  20. PUBERTY HIT HIM HARD 😂. He used to be all nice but is an complete ass hole like let’s be real here


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