Least Favourite Inventory Tag

WordPress is trying to tell me that “favourite” is spelled wrong, when really I just spell using UK English since I’m from Canada. Besides, literally every other country (should) write using UK English, because Americans changed parts of the English language to be more unique.

Okay, I should really go on task. Anna’s here! This is the least favourite inventory tag! I also like to call this “stuff that you really despise, however it’s too ugly to sell at MyMall” tag! Basically just pick eight hairs, tops, bottoms, outfits, costumes, shoes, boards, body accessories, face accessories, hair accessories, earrings (if you’re a girl) that you hate! You don’t have to do them all, just do what you want.

My Least Favourite Hairs:


I’m not going to be selling the skeleton one, simply because I use it for Halloween. However, I still dislike how it looks. And I’m pretty sure we all hate unlucky bot hair. The Ashie hat just looks bad. I don’t like how that rare hair looks like at all. The first one is my starter hair. The limited edition hat I bought for investing purposes. The grayish hair I bought because I wanted to get every single item in stores for non members.

My Least Favourite Tops:


The jacket with spikes is why we can’t have nice things. (If anyone is willing to buy it off of me,please do! But I bet most people are trying to get rid of these…)

My Least Favourite Bottoms:


Not much to say about these. There aren’t a lot of good bottoms in Fantage in my personal opinion.

My Least Favourite Outfits:


Not much to say about these either. Just… Eh. The pink shirt would make a decent top, but it had to be paired with gray pants…

Random Selling Advertisement:


Does anyone want these? Comment below!

I’m actually too lazy to do the rest. =_= Anyways, feel free to do this! if you decide to do this tag, please comment below your post so I can see it. 🙂 Although, it’s not much of an exciting tag so I understand if no one wants to, haha.



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  1. I’m back on BRD! 😛


  2. I really hate the blue top.
    It makes me look fat, lol.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Can i have the seventh hair? its actually my favorite LOLOL


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