What Can I Wear THIS With: Super Short Brown Ponytail Edition

Ohmykaito here. We all have those weird and unwanted items from Cody’s and Lucky Bot that we want to pawn off to anyone willing to take it off our hands. The problem is? So is everyone else on Fantage! But instead, why not come up with creative ways to wear these items? Today’s item is: Super Short Brown Ponytail from Lucky Bot.

I know, I know. It’s not the best item in the world, but hey, you can liven it up!

The below is more of a simple look that basically anyone could do, to look less new, its best to pair the hair with at least one wanted item or semi wanted item.

Items in photo:

Panda Pullover

Teal Skirt

Cleopatra Sandals

Pet Bag

Hip Glasses

The below is a pastel and cute look. If you want to attempt a look like the below, go for colors that are paler and accessories that are flowery or girly. It doesn’t matter if items are from current events or from Le Shop as long as they are pastel or girly.

Items in photo:

Mimimini17’s Unicorn Dress

Mimimini17’s Unicorn Slippers

Secretlyapony’s Wings

Floral Wreath

Secretlyapony’s Earrings

The below is more of a traditional “popular girl” outfit, for those who have enough items to pull off this kind of look. For this look, its best to pair as many popular items as possible with hair.

Items in photo:

Pink Fringe Shirt

Black n’ White Shorts

Cleopatra Sandals

Pink Rose Whirlwind


Princess’s Crown

Pro tip: If you have items in your inventory that you don’t like or don’t think will go with anything, experiment. Chances are you’ll find something in your inventory that will match rather well. And lastly, what’s your favorite look for the hair? Personally mine is the pastel and cute, it looks adorable and I think I might do that style more often on Fantage with that hair. c:


About 「デイ♡シクス」ohmydae

Basically I enjoy Kpop, Jpop, vocaloid, and anime.

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  1. I like the pastel one as well! That haircut just fits a cute style.


  2. My favorite is the pastel one! 😛


  3. I luv the pastel one (joining the bandwagon, lol)

    Liked by 1 person

  4. αℓεxαη∂яα εїз αℓεx-ȼнαη εїз

    I can’t decide between 2nd and 3rd


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