What Can I Wear With THIS: Black Themed Top Edition

Ohmykaito here once again, don’t you dislike those themed tops and boards you got when you first played fashion show? At first yeah, it was awesome! But as you grew on the game you started to detest the ugly plain shirts hanging in your inventory, didn’t you? Fret not, there are ways to wear them!

Below is what I would call casual/ready for a day out. This is a type of outfit anyone on Fantage could do, consisting mostly of items available to anyone at any given time. To achieve a look similar to this, it’s best to wear a cute hair style that most likely isn’t in the salon, just so it doesn’t give a newbie vibe.

Items in photo:

Supermodel Hair

Dandy Denim

Tomato Flip Flops

Black Leather Jacket

Bluekirby123’s Disco Shades

Mouse Band

Secretlyapony’s Earrings

I like to call this next one sassy and cute. This is another one basically anyone can do. To try to work this one, match the top with girly items and a crown, or slightly more popular items to get a sort of “I don’t care what you think” type of look.

Items in photo:

Delicate Brown Hair

Pink Bikini Bottoms

Jenny_light’s White Sneakers

Flower Bracelet

Princess’s Crown

Pink Heart Earrings

Next is a what I’d consider a cute and sporty look. To achieve this sort of look, pair a short hair style with average items but not newbie average, if you get what I mean.

Items in photo:

Flowing Blonde Locks

Muzzie2000’s Cool Shorts

Ocean Blue Shoes

Pet Bag

Peach Glasses

Which one do you guys like this time? I can’t pick! It’s an average enough item to play up in almost any sort of way. Also, are there any items you want to see next time? If so, leave the name and where it comes from and I’ll see if I have it!


About 「デイ♡シクス」ohmydae

Basically I enjoy Kpop, Jpop, vocaloid, and anime.

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  1. I like the last one!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The third one is amaaaazing omgggg
    The hair accessory matches with the shirt, which makes it even better!
    Could you do the Stylish Look from Cody’s Crazy Combos next time? I have it, but I can never make it go with anything… TnT


  3. I challenge you to a style off with this outfit 😛


  4. My favorites are the second and third outfits! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Last one is really nice! 😀


  6. ѕuѕαn // tori35665

    omg you made it actually look good this deserves an award or something


  7. Great outfits! Popula stuff and all, I would wear the 2nd one. (haha I don’t mind semi-popular items. But CC BB and Frisky? Nah)


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