What Can I Wear THIS With: Spiked Jacket Edition

Ohmykaito here. One of the fellow admins of this blog, Anna, has challenged me to the unthinkable. Making the Spiked Jackets look fashionable.  Of course, I accepted her challenge and I have tried my best. I will be using two different colors of these. In my opinion, from the vantage point of using these shirts for the first time, I notice that they’re more for the eccentric people and gothic style people. Let’s see how I did…

I’m going to be honest here, I think I rock this. Pun intended! This is more of a rocker girl style. In order to accomplish this style, and make sure these ugly shirts don’t go to waste, it’s best to pair this with some sort of boots and darker shorts.

Items in photo:

Beautiful Hairstyle

Muzzie2000’s Cool Shorts

Jenny_light’s White Sneakers

Blue Sparkler


Dark Crown

The next one gives me more of a hippy vibe, mixed with a little pink rock and girly fashion. To attempt a look like this, darker and thicker looking hair would be the best to use, unless your spikes are lighter than use a lighter hair, add some pastel flowers and darker jeans with dark shoes.

Items in photo:

Curly Brown Locks

Cool Blue Jeans

Short Black Boots

Pink Rose Whirlwind

Peach Glasses

Floral Wreath

I tried to use another color with the next two, in order to try and be of assistance to all the colors. The next one isn’t my best, but its a combination of girly/sugary and punk rock. It’s best to pair a more crazy hair style with all pink for this type of look.

Items in photo:

Crazy Blonde Pigtails

Ruffle Skirt with Gold Trim

Gianna4125’s Fancy Purple Shoes


Bluekirby123’s Disco Shades

Dark Crown

Honestly, the pink jackets were a lot harder. I’m not sure what I’d call this but I think I’d totally wear this. I think I’d call it a sort of pastel goth. In order to do this, you need a hair style that can fall under the steam punk category, pink shorts or just insanely short shorts of a brighter color and boots.

Items in photo:


Pink Bikini Bottoms

Warrior Shoes

That was…. an experience. Pro Tip: Try and match the spikes to hair colors to make them less noticeable. I think I made at least the black ones look amazing. My favorite style is absolutely the second one. How about you guys? What do you want to see next, any requests?


About 「デイ♡シクス」ohmydae

Basically I enjoy Kpop, Jpop, vocaloid, and anime.

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  1. I like the first one the best ^.^


  2. My favorites are the first and second ones! 😛


  3. I prefer the ones that you used with the black and white spiked jacket over the pink ones! Great job on making them look good. It’s quite the challenge!
    I’d be much better if they didn’t have spikes on them though.


  4. Wow, never knew you could actually “wear”it…


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