Quick Fantage Halloween Ideas!

Halloween is literally tomorrow. Can you believe it!? In real life, I’m being myself! And I’ll throw kids at candies! (You heard right!) No time to come up with a costume. If I had to be something, I’d like to be Wadanohara or Madotsuki. (You can search them up on your free time!)

However in Fantage, I still need an outfit! (Actually, I’ve decided to literally be pink Megaman Zero from the costume shop, or just wear a ton of Halloween items from previous Fantage events. (I wished that this year, they’d give more free Halloween items instead of the cat outfits, which to literally get everything you’d have to spend gold.)

halloween costumes

Anyways, some of you guys may need a costume on Fantage, and you probably don’t want to just wear a generic premade costume from the costume shop! (Or you just don’t have enough eCoins/stars to waste.) And, perhaps you haven’t been playing long enough to have Halloween outfits from previous events and not enough gold to purchase some items. Well here are some simple Halloween outfits you can create!

I’ve also came up with outfits for BOYS AND GIRLS ALIKE. Because no one ever makes outfits for guys. (Warning: The Halloween outfits for guys are literally jokes and they suck, haha…)


1. Tourist


This shouldn’t be too hard! Get a camera and dress up as if you were on vacation in the south. 🙂

2. Doll


The best part about this outfit is that you have a lot of freedom, depending on what kind of doll you want to be! I decided to be a formal doll with long beautiful hair, along with an adorable ribbon on top.

3. Candy


I don’t really have many candy related items, but you can get the point here. Just try your best to look like a citizen from Candyland!

4. Punk


Eh… I tried but you get the idea. A great use for that awful hairstyle that no one wants, and tries to sell at MyMall.

5. N00b (Past or Present)

(I don’t have a screencap of this, was too lazy LOL)

Not only do you dress up as one, but try to use the awful grammar they do too. 😉


1. A Generic Male High Schooler (Who is probably in the football team)

that one boy who gets all of the chicks

Outfit says everything.

2. Anthony Sullivan


If you don’t know who he is, he’s that one guy selling all of those cleaning products to your at home mother. He’s on a pig, featuring the hog wash. :^)

3. Ringabel (Bravely Default)


I… I tried. I think it’s kinda accurate? Really hard when you’re limited to Fantage outfits.

4. Seth


YES, YOU CAN FINALLY BE MY OC. :))))) (This is the closest I can do.)

Off Topic: In the middle of religion class I got too bored of what the teacher was saying so I decided to draw Seth instead of paying attention. Random fact: I actually pay better attention when I draw, instead of looking at something, because when I look at something and I’m uninterested I tend to zone out.

Here’s part of what I drew:





I’m literally too lazy right now to come up with more… Because this is Fantage, we’re limited SOO much it’s not even funny.

Oh, and if you don’t like any of these you could just do the generic animal, by putting on those unicorn headbands from the unicorn event earlier, and/or cat ears and a tail. :^)



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  2. You could also grab a guy (or a guy account) and dress as a bae couple! Have the girl dress as a total fruit a toot toot while the guy goes shirtless if he can. 😉

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  3. There’s actually a button (when posting) that lets you choose a thumbnail. But it also sticks it at the top of your post.


  4. In RE (religious education) I sit at the very back so I just take a piece of scrap paper and doodle while the teacher keeps rambling on and on about how you should not celebrate Halloween because you should not play with ghosts yada yada yada and shows us 4-5 videos while I keep doodling using my pen. Why does she have such a boring voice teaching such a boring subject? WHYYYYY


    • They were telling you that in Religion class? Here my religion teacher said to people, “woah you guys all have cool costumes!” (Today was an out of uniform day.)
      But he just kept on showing us videos of the history of Jesus. The people talking about Jesus had such a boring, monotone voice… BLEH.

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      • I’d rather she gave us a free lesson to read the bible. I nearly finished Mark in a lesson, while she kept babbling on and on and on…
        If it was out of uniform day, she would probably say,”You see, on Halloween,people are taking advantage to earn lots of money!”

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  5. //cough
    Shampoo bottle

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