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Ways to Wear It – Animated Frisky Blonde

Remember when we used to do fashion posts on a regular basis? 😮

So, as you all know from my last post, I had about 125,000 Gold burning a hole in my pocketCutieCake was nice enough to help me out with that little problem by letting me buy her frisky for minimum price (21,000). Thanks, CutieCake! Anyway, I’m sure you all see where this post is going, so…

Today’s Item: Animated Frisky Blonde


I know, I know, it’s expensive/hard to get. But for those of you who do have frisky, I’m going to be showing you how to wear it without looking completely generic, i.e. like this:

generic outfit

I can’t believe I actually wore that…

Ahem. On to the actual outfits! Frisky is more of a tomboyish hair, and it doesn’t go very well with any hair accessories, so it’s not as well-suited to really girly outfits. Here’s what I’d wear with it:

I TRIEDpeacefulthis outfit is pretty much a repeat of the first one but oh well

Yes, I know a lot of these outfits have other expensive items (as if frisky weren’t enough to suck up everyone’s money), but you can find some pretty good substitutes at LeShop. 😛

So what do you think? Which outfit is your favorite? Do you even like frisky, or do you think it’s massively overrated for what it is? Are you hoping I won’t keep wearing PM-exclusive items? (But I really like that top…) Or maybe you’re just jelly of all the new things I bought, even though I’m only wearing like three of them in this post. Well, whatever you have to say about this post, as long as it’s not offensive, feel free to say it in a comment below!



Rude? Why yes.

So, being bored as we were, Marina, Katie, and I decided to have fun by messing with people on Fantage! Apparently they were trying to make a movie and got all too angry at our presence.


I Don’t Know What to Call This

Hey, everyone! I’ve been thinking about how to start out this post. I mean, I’ve had a long time to think about how I want to phrase this… Well, I’ll just post a picture.






*clears throat* Anyway, I’d like to start out by comparing medal levels. At the end of Free Premium Membership Week, I took a screencap of my medal level as a member.

the screencap

I forgot to take a screencap of my medal level as a nonmember because I was an idiot, but I was a Scholar (around level 475, maybe?).

This is my level now:


Read the image name before asking about Gold, thanks. c:

I’m going to get seahorse levels… At some point… Yeah.

Levels are boring, though, so let’s focus on WHAT I’VE DONE AS A MEMBER!

1. Searching MyMall

Because this is so different when you do it on your own account as opposed to when you get on your friend’s account to do it. Especially when you were doing all this searching earlier today, anyway.

So I have a wishlist:

my wishlist

Some of these items are things I want more than others (*COUGH*KITTSAY’SPANTS*COUGH*). But I looked for all the items I wanted to get soonish…and they weren’t even up EDIT WHILE WRITING THIS: I got Kittsay’s shorts for 17K, but nothing else was up. WHY IS IT THAT WHEN I GET ENOUGH GOLD TO BUY THINGS I WANT, THEY NEVER GET PUT UP FOR SALE?

EDIT: Since people keep offering me the same items in the comments, I figured I might as well put this here. For everyone offering Winter Top, Kittsay’s shirt, and the Jacket and Canteen, I either have them or I’m getting them from someone else soon. Thanks for your offers, but I’m not looking for those items right now. Sorry!

Also, I added the two scepters, Panda Pullover, and Army Tank to my wishlist.

So yeah, uh, that was a bust. Moving on…


By which I mean buying all the limited items with Stars. This is something I promised myself I wouldn’t do a lot, but I really don’t care about any of the items in this event.

Since I never made a post about the limited items, here’s what they look like:

so expensive

The hair looks a lot worse than I expected it to. 😦


Hair – too expensive

Hair Clip – too expensive

Dress – too expensive

Boots – 400 Gold, 800 Stars

Board – WAY TOO EXPENSIVE. WHO SPENDS 6000 STARS ON A BOARD?! besides me ugh

And, because I’m too lazy to get off my own account and get on a guy one, here’re the boys’ items from the news update:

the boys' items

I don’t actually know how much these items cost, but I’m betting they’re expensive.

Now that I have practically no Stars left, let’s move on to…

3. Sparkling!

Have you ever wanted to sparkle like Katie did? Well, if you’re not a member, too bad. (But you can still equip the Cool Sparkles!) If you are a member, though, read on…

Basically, when you go into the PM-exclusive hot tub at the Spa and wait a second, you sparkle. 😀


You can even sparkle while cosplaying! As long as you’re still wearing a bathing suit…


(Katie found me when I was writing this post… Too bad you can’t really see her beautiful outfit. :()

4. Getting the PM Gift

This is going to sound really dumb of me, but I…uh…kind of forgot this was a thing up until now. At least I remembered before the end of the month, because this month’s gift is pretty cute.


Here’s the outfit I put together with it:


Yeah, I know the shoes look a little out-of-place. I blame the board for being too brown. I still like the outfit, though… 😛

Anyway, that’s pretty much everything I’ve done so far. Thanks again to Casey for getting me membership! 😉 If you have any suggestions about what I should do next, feel free to leave a comment below! 🙂



How to Get People to Accept Your Stupid Offers on Fantage

Ever want someone to buy your item for a ridiculously high price?

Ever want to offer something in a trade that’s worth much less than the item you want?

Ever want to buy something off of someone for a ridiculously low price?

Well, listen to my amazing tips on how to get people to accept your stupid offers on Fantage!

1. Tell them that this item is worth more/less than the actual value!

You’d tell them that the item is worth more when you’re selling and trading your item, but less when they’re trying to sell an item to you!

A great thing to do is say, “I saw this item for *inset an amount here* at MyMall earlier!”

I mean, there’s absolutely no proof to back that up whatsoever and even if you did actually see it that person probably ended up never selling/was a trade/that person has no idea how much it’s worth and they got it sold instantly!

Now some people are intelligent enough to save that item and actually sell/trade it to someone who isn’t trying to take advantage of them, but some people in the world are desperate. Look out for those, and take full advantage!

2. Beg until you annoy them to death, where they’d have to give you the item!

I like using phrases like, “plz give me plz plz plz plz plz”

“i thought we were friends awesome”

Make sure they’re your “friend” before begging, because friends are more likely to not ignore you.

You should probably guilt trip them too, saying “but i have a whun and two daughters that i adopted from those stupid baby tryouts”

3. Say that you’re borrowing their item!

Y’know, claim that you just want to use it for an OOTD. Then don’t give it back. Don’t forget the best excuse: You “forgot” that you had it! 🙂

But if they’re your true friend, they’d forgive you. But also forget to sell it back to them as well! 😀 (FOR MUCH HIGHER, PROFIT MAN!)

Remember: Tell them to go first in a trade!

I mean, you can’t trust anyone! And once they’ve proven they’re trustworthy, remove them on Fantage and walk away happily, as you just scammed someone. :))))

I hope this totally helped you guys, you greedy little children who resorts to dirty tactics trying to get cheap virtual pixels.


Random Inquiry?

Hey it’s ohmykaito, so I did end up getting a job which is why I’m not as active. I’m also wondering, is it just me? Or can others not play Fashion Show? I try to put in the color that I’m looking for and I’ve been getting stuck on loading 99 percent about seven times now. Is anyone else having this problem or is it just me?

Huh… Great Trick for Gold

You see, recently I got myself a MyMall permission. As a member, I have around 5 slots. So I decided to see if anyone would actually buy these luxury items that you can get from the Hall of Fame, starred. Turns out that they do! O_O

I’ve made like 2,000 gold from this… Already. Not sure about you but that’s a lot for me (considering the highest amount of Gold I ever had was 7,000 eheheh.) And what shocks me is that I sold them STARRED. If you’re a non member, unfortunately you’d have to buy them with eCoins. However, if you’re a member and you’re desperate, just play a few games to get stars, then sell!

Here are hairs that I have successfully sold:

dem hairs

Moral of the story: Most people really don’t know about the Hall of Fame. Take advantage of that and get gold. :^)


Commission: RainbowStar135 (Again)

Thank you for commissioning me again Rainbow! You added me to include the burger so I decided to have your Fantagian have the burger close to her mouth. XP

And sorry- no bonuses this time. (EHEHEH.)

eating a burger

Sorry, I can’t do animal ears. Hopefully you enjoy the rest of the drawing though! 😛

Enjoy! 🙂


Commission: RainbowStar135

Finally, someone ordered from my art shop for once! 😛 Thank you RainbowStar! Because you’re my first customer, I added a bit more to your headshot. (Yeah. O made it a bust up) ;D


If you want one, you can always come to my art shop for a cheap price. 😉