How To Make Gold Faster

Ohmykaito here! I’m not sure if my fellow admins have made a post about this, but I am going to regardless based on patterns I’ve noticed the last few days because I’m an odd person, I love to spend all my gold but I hate NOT having ANY gold at the same time. For the last couple of days I’ve been doing this pattern and its been extremely helpful for me, I hope its also helpful for you.

  1. Sell older event items that you don’t quite like anymore. Example: I had dresses from the fairy tale event that I no longer liked, so I sold them off for a slightly higher price than I bought them for and they sold fast.
  2. Sell items that are discounted for the day. Just make sure you sell items that would actually sell instead of trying to pawn off the items from CCC and LB that you don’t like.
  3. Instead of hoarding the “popular(ish)” stuff, if you don’t like something as much anymore and you know it will sell, then sell it. Chances are the price for that item in the future will drop. WARNING: before selling off an item that’s popularish, MAKE SURE you really DO NOT want it anymore, or sell it at a high enough price to be fair and make profit so you can buy a similar item once again.
  4. For beginners: As bad as this is, if you’re a beginner and your parents refuse to buy you gold, a good thing to do is wait for the daily attendence to give you a MyMall permission and sell stuff from Orion that you KNOW is wanted and liked for a small amount (ex: 2,000 or somewhere around this area)

I hope this sort list will help you in your MyMall adventures. Happy selling, good luck to you all.


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  1. Great list, but don’t forget to choose a good kiosk too. Usually the search thing recommends the worst kiosks out there. If you go to find one, you might end up on a floor like 3-9 instead of 30-50.


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