Free Member Eye Trick Doesn’t Work?

I got bored of my original eyes that no one seems to appreciate.

So today I went to Sunblock in the Spanish server to go back to those gigantic crystal blue eyes.

So far my eyes have successfully changed. Alright, onto the English server to meet my buddy, kirastocking. Soon he’ll become the harem king. (I’ll post about project harem later.) ;D

And… My eyes were still the original eyes. What?

I tried again, and even though my eyes change in the Spanish server they remain the same in the English server.

Well then, guess I’m stuck with these eyes! 😀

My friend kirastocking wants to have membership eyes as well, so I told him about the trick.

It worked for him… But for me, I can’t seem to get the eyes. ._.

Anyone else having this problem? I’ve done it before, and I see nothing wrong with what I did today.

Anyways, have me and kirastocking. He’s fabulous guys. ;D

hes sexy guys

By the way, kirastocking is actually my best friend, ReaperNunnally. I got her to play Fantage (well she wanted to after I told her about little kids dating) and she just wants to troll around, getting a lot of “whuns.” Y’all should follow her blog, her and I are literally twins. (WE HAVE THE SAME BIRTHDAY AND EVERYTHING.)



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You asked a good question.

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  1. Onwards! Project Harem has officially commenced!

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  2. The eye thing is finicky. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. I just hope it doesn’t STOP working so then I get stuck with this one pair of eyes I don’t like… :/
    And…what’s Project Harem? 😮

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