Ways to Wear It – Red Battle Hair

Today while browsing MyMall trying to steal trades, I came across a hair that costs 10k gold, for only 6.5k gold! And I’m here to style it before I decide to sell it on MyMall for profit. Or maybe this hair will grow on me and I’ll never feel like selling it. I’ll probably end up selling it.

So yeah, two fashion posts for you today!

Today’s Item: Red Battle Hair

red battle hair

I don’t know about you, but I love majority of the battle hairs. This one is in a nice little ponytail on the side. 🙂

red outfit two red outfit one red outfit three

Eh… I don’t think I did that great of a job, but I did pretty decent. I like the second one I created. Which one is your favourite? Comment down below!

Oh, and if you want to buy the hair from me, feel free to ask! We can negotiate, I’m definitely selling it less than 9k though. 😉 (You’ll save at least a thousand gold with me!)



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  1. I love that hair! It’s so stylish… and red!
    I dunno whether I like the first or the second outfit better.
    Actually, I think I like the third the best, because it has a duck.
    And ducks are cool.


  2. Ooh, nice! My favorite outfit is the first– no, the third– no, I like them all! 😛 You really can rock that hair… 😉

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  3. I wish I could change the coding of the female hairs, so boys can look fabulous too…

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  4. ♬ ❀Ameee❀ ♬

    I got it for 6k once but I don’t really like it so I sold for 9k lol

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  5. I really like how your image can be totally different depending on your choice of clothes ;D

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  6. My favorite battle hair is the black one lol


  7. Ehh I like the brown and black battle hairs more
    Nice styling though! I love them all, haha.


    It has a FOOD board 😀

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  9. Third
    Cause it has a baby duck

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