A Fourth Perspective

I’m quite different to our other authors. I’m not as experienced as them with blogging, and I have yet to become familiar with Fantage: I’m still a novice.

I also play as a boy.


I started following this blog, still clueless about Fantage and what it involves, because my        ♪ best friend ♪

old outfit

is an important author, and I really liked the cute fashion and the community here.

After Anna told me about the kids on Fantage and how they desperately search for “whuns”, I decided to make my own Fantagian. Anna will write a post with the details behind this later  (ゝ∀・)

[I’ll be really impressed if anyone can work out the story behind my Fantagian’s name, by the way!]

I spent precious coins and stars on making my Fantagian look as classy and beautiful as possible. And I attracted quite a few lovely ladies, so I’d like to think I did well!

Anna and I laughed a lot over this, actually. It didn’t matter that I’m actually a girl, because my Fantagian was a boy and looked attractive, I was able to get a lot of buddies, all of them female.

We talked about how Fantage is for someone playing as a boy, and eventually the topic of me being an author came up.

Anna talked with Marina and Casey, and I got to become an author!

I guess I should properly introduce myself now! Hello, I’m Nunnally, the fourth author of Fantage Marianna!

I’ll mostly be posting about the same things as the other authors, but from the perspective of a male Fantagian. For example, I’ll be writing about fashion, but for boys – like whether spiked blond hair or curled green hair looks better with that particular jacket.

I sincerely hope you’ll all come to like me! Nunnally, out! (・ω<)☆


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  1. Welcome to FM! You totes look classy, BTW. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Welcome to Fantage Marianna my secret twin! 🙂


  3. Welcome! By the way…
    Anna is mine.
    Lol just kidding!


  4. Good luck on ur amazing adventures yet to come


  5. Good luck 😀
    And welcome 😀


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