Inspiration Station: How To Look Popular Edition One

Hi guys! So, a couple people replied to my post saying they wanted this. I also got some help from memepony9, since I haven’t even been playing Fantage for a year yet I don’t have a lot even though I’m a member and she was kind enough to help me with a couple of outfits to draw inspiration off of. I will be posting the popular outfit on the left and my inspiration on the right with a little description possibly. I will be doing one outfit each post. I tried my best for today, I tried to have it as basic as possible for the people who have recently joined Fantage, if you have more items feel free to take my inspiration and make it something even better.

Have you ever seen people on Fantage with shorts? A half top? Glow sticks? And cute short blonde hair? Yeah, me too. (sorry the board is not something I can find an easy replacement for, I don’t have many boards at all.) An easy way to get an outfit somewhat like this is to get some cute short hair from the Salon or any events that you come across while playing, add a short top from the same places, get the white shorts from Le Shop, add a sprinkler (you can get them from MyMall, I’m pretty sure they are rather cheap). Add the crown you can win from CCC and there you have it! It’s not the greatest but its a style anyone can do. NOTE: For an even better look, the people with more items should combine past event items to make this look even more popular without even trying.


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  1. Nice! For me, I love shop items! They look SO good, and are darn cheap! In fact, I just bought the new shoes from le shop and wearing them.


  2. For the board, the closest thing in the Board Shop is the animal wheel board. Cute outfit, BTW! 😉

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  3. Eh, looking popular is boring. All the “popular items” are so overused that you just look generic trying to wear them.
    Even the ones that look nice are never worn right.
    You can’t just cram a bunch of “popular” items into one outfit and claim to look “cool”. It doesn’t work like that. Honestly, Fantagians who dress this way look ridiculous.
    Why not pair those items with some nice shop items? Or CCC items, or Lucky Bot items, or things like that? I know of so many amazing-looking items from the shop, but hardly anybody wears them.
    Why can’t people try to look nice instead of just wearing “valuable” items?
    Why do items even have “value”?
    Why am I ranting on and on about this?
    (I should make a blog post about this, LOL)
    (If I offended you in any way, shape, or form, it was completely unintentional. I’m merely expressing my opinion on this matter.)

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    • Actually, I wear a lot of popular items. I think they look nice, the thing is most people don’t know how to wear items on Fantage and cram a bunch of different colors and patterns together, which is what makes them look bad. Or they wear a hair with someone on it with a hat or something. *cringes* But, that’s all based on personal opinions I suppose, I hear a lot of people complaining about popular items, but I think they are popular because they DO look nice.

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      • Separately, some of them do look pretty nice. Personally, I love CC and the tire board.
        But when people mash a bunch of them together (like wearing an eye patch, bow and arrow, celebrity crown, gym shorts, bunny tee, tire board and BB all at once), they look ridiculous.
        I wear some popular items too, but I try to balance the whole outfit out, such as wearing shop items or recent event items.
        I definitely agree that their popularity comes from their looks, but I feel like things such as gym shorts get their popularity for… other reasons.
        Either way, I do agree with what you’re saying.


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