!!!!!!!!!! (New Shop Items and Royal Chance)

Hello, bonjour, buenos días! Some of you may know I was really excited when the new shop items got announced, mostly because of the red sweater shown in the preview. Well, today, everything came to the stores:


I was worried they’d delay these until the 12th, but thankfully for my sanity, they didn’t. But, anyway, DO YOU SEE HOW CUTE THAT SWEATER IS? AND THE TRENCH COAT AND JUST AEHLWIDUVGURGHUERIH–

Ahem, er… Here are the girls’ items.


I already bought the sweater, and the boots that go with the sweater, and I want to buy the trench coat, and you should do all this, too. Unfortunately, all of these items will cost you one arm and one leg each. Also known as between 3000 and 4000 Stars. At least they’re really, really cute? 😛

Also, Fantage doesn’t seem to think people know being a traveler usually means you like traveling.

because you wouldn't know travelers travel?

They also think “traveling” needs to be capitalized. Seriously, Roise? You can throw useless capitalization in there but can’t find the period or exclamation mark keys? -_-

The guys’ items:

is that a nose or a mustache wtfseriously what is that thing even supposed to be

Uh…what is that thing on the middle guy’s face? It comes with the hair/hat, but what is that even supposed to be? Is it a nose? A mustache? WHY IS IT THERE?

Also, why did they skip the number 2 at the hair salon? They didn’t do that for any of the other lists. What gives?

Though at least the trench coat and jeans still look decent…

These are the boards:


The cheapest one (Fallen Leaves) costs 4000 Stars.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Over the past eight years or so, all the boards at the Board Shop (AFAIK) have been 3500 Stars or less. Now the cheapest board in this set costs more than any other board has ever cost before. And the animated board, the Angelic Wings Stage? That costs 6000 Stars. It’s not even that special, either (TBH, I would’ve expected it to be the nonmember board if it weren’t animated). I don’t know if Fantage reads people’s blogs and finds out how they make Stars so easily, or if they’ve just decided selling items for insane prices will get people to buy Gold and eCoins from them (DON’T), but this is getting ridiculous. 🙄

So that’s everything– Oh, right, Royal Chance. *yawns*

These are the instructions for Royal Chance:


This game is currently bugged, so Queen (Kawaii) loses to Jack (Jester), Jack loses to King (Cody), and King loses to Queen. I don’t know the logic behind picking these specific characters, but yeah.

Since you always start off with three Queens, new players will likely put down a Queen on their first turn. Therefore, you should either put down a Jack to counter the Queen, or, if you think the other player will do this, you should put down a King to counter the Jack. The game is slow, so you’ll have a lot of time to think about your next move. Don’t worry. 😛

That’s really all I can say about Royal Chance without falling asleep. In case you can’t tell, it’s not a very exciting game.


So what do you think of the update? Did you buy all those cute clothes yet, or did you play Royal Chance first and end up falling asleep? Do you know what that thing is on the guy’s face? If you’re a staff member of Fantage reading this blog, why is everything so expensive now? And if you don’t work for Fantage, why do you think everything is so expensive? If you have an answer to any of these questions, and even if you don’t, feel free to leave a comment below!



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  1. Bonjour, ma copine! Ça va?


  2. That trench coat.

    … I need it.


    I would buy everything, but I have only like nine hundred ecoins. TnT


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