People on Fantage Suck

No, seriously they do. I’ve been here for awhile and they haven’t been that bad, but recently I’ve had plenty of nasty encounters, especially for being in a quiet server, that I’m always in. (Around Friday to now especially.) These people are way to immature, I’m literally considering quitting and probably moving to Gaia Online.

Around Friday I was voice chatting with my vaseline BFF, Mangos, and some couple came and attacked Mangos, all because she corrected their grammar. Okay, it might be rude to randomly come to someone and tell them that they used the right your/you’re, but it’s uncalled for to say that she’s ugly and other crap.

Saturday I was minding my own business (aka trolling people with my twin Nunnally, known as kirastocking) we went to the Star Cafe and some guy wearing a purple cow costume called me ugly. Neat! I was also laughed at, but they’re just jealous. :^)

Today I went on in one of my spare accounts, AnnaArso wearing a bunch of orange because last time I was doing Fashion Battle. A guy came up to me and said “hi.” I, being a kind and generous person, said “hi” back. He then said “LOL,” and proceeded to insult me by calling me a “noob,” and that my face is funny. It’s funny, because on my main account I have a higher level than him. 🙂

Anyways I’m dealing with too much bull crap on quiet Fantage servers now. I don’t feel insulted or bothered by these unoriginal insults, but it’s bothersome to have little children insult you when you’re just trying to log in to check MyMall for good deals. I’d rather be around good influences in my life, thank you very much.

So yeah, just a small rant about me and issues on Fantage. I wished that the developers will actually take the report button into consideration.

I really should have screencapped these peasants doing idiotic things.


jit you suck

SuperiorSeth is me, xxjit08xx is a donkey.

To prove once again, what goes on the internet stays on the internet! 🙂 Also, Seth is looking pretty superior today. ;D


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  1. That guy looks like he was eating ice cream and got it all over his nose and mouth, as little kids often do.

    And don’t believe what the haters say. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, BABY (☆´3`)

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  2. ѕuѕαn // tori35665

    what is that mess the donkey is wearing my poor eyes


  3. I know people are really rude on Fantage now.
    Like the other day, a fairly noob girl was advertising and some other girl came to her and said “No one will buy ur phuecing shj”
    I was like, “and no one cares about ur phuecing opinion”
    Seriously, level and items are all that matter nowadays. -_-

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  4. The cow suit situation is literally why I stay out of star café. You either wear popular items, or a costume, otherwise you’re automatically ugly. But try to ignore (or laugh) when people behave that way. They’re just repeating what they’ve heard somewhere anyhow. It usually has nothing to do with you. 😛

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  5. People on Fantage are ridiculous. There’s no saving them.. and I’m a total grammar freak. I hate how Fantage doesn’t let us use even apostrophies, commas, periods, and multiple capitals in a sentence. You probably don’t wanna hear me ramble, but yeah… You’re beautiful in every way possible. Fantage is just PIXELS, who cares if you don’t have the best items? All that matters is personality, and you’re an amazing person. Honestly, I just think the Fantage community is filled with spoiled snotty kids who think they’re better than the whole world. Psh, empty insults mean nothing.

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    • I didn’t care about their insults at all, don’t worry. It’s just that I hate being around immature people, it’s quite a bother.
      I wouldn’t say I’m a major grammar freak, but I definitely get upset when people misuse your/you’re and their/there/they’re. I wish I could use commas, apostrophes, and periods too! Oh, and I beg for the chat filtering system to NOT BE TERRIBLE.

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  6. Really? Every time I talk to someone on Fantage (like correct grammar or something) they leave. o.o maybe it’s cause I’m just sitting there like “rofl” every time they say something.




  8. I’d say
    And I never, NEVER back down.
    If that person agues,


  9. That guy’s hair, tiger mouth, shirt, and board are all really ugly. I’m not just saying this to support you, but because I truly think he’s inferior in fashion. X)
    He may pick on a nooby-looking account, but gianna4125 can pick on anyone, which she decides not to do, which adds one more reason to her superiority! I met her when I was still an early noob and Gianna was pretty nice…


    • I personally like his shirt, but his tiger mouth makes absolutely no sense.
      But really, all of his items are too generic.
      I’ve never met Gianna, but from what I’ve heard she seems nice. I find it funny that most people who wear a crap ton of popular items around the levels of 100-800 tend to make fun of people a lot….


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