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  1. I don’t know where else to post my wish so…
    Happy birthday Marina!

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  2. Love you Ina Bear Bear don’t get pregnant. xD

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  3. Happy birthday Marina!

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  4. Have a great birthday Marina ❤

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    //grabs balloons
    //tries to bake cake
    //sets kitchen on fire

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  6. Happy birthday !!! 😀

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    Hope you have a fantabulous one. ❤

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  8. Aww, thanks to everyone for the kind messages! WP is being dumb (I’m on my iPad rn) so sorry if I don’t reply to anyone right away. Once I can get on my computer, I’ll reply to anyone I don’t get the chance to reply to now. 😛
    To Anna, don’t worry, the cake looks amazing! I actually really like that shade of pink, too. 😛 it’s okay if you can’t do the drawing just yet, I don’t mind waiting! Just the fact you’re willing to do this is so nice of you… ;u;
    On an unrelated note, I got that black hair you like for cheap today. ;D

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  9. I fell asleep too quickly and now your birthday has passed XD

    But happy birthday! Again!


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