Ways to Wear It – Explorer’s Outfit

Hey, it’s actually Marina! I kind of feel like I’ve been letting you guys down lately, what with not posting and letting Anna and Casey cover events and fashion stuff. Well, since some new items (though going by everyone else’s posts, they only released hair) just came out and I happened to buy every single one of them, I thought I’d make a Ways to Wear It post!

Today’s Item: Explorer’s Outfit

cute shirt

I have no idea why they’re calling this an outfit when it’s a top. I also don’t know why they didn’t want to capitalize the “o” in “outfit”, but I’m just going to use a capital O here because that’s one of my pet peeves.

This top looks good with a lot of the fall shop items, by the way! But since the only fall shop items I have right now are two tops, one (sort of ugly) pair of boots, and a board, I’ll just be wearing the board in all of these outfits. 😛

Here’s what I’d wear with this top:

what I was actually wearingI am still not Coralinemore sparkles than a vampire from Twilight

I’d say the first two outfits are more casual while the third is better for a formal occasion. Also, in case you couldn’t tell…

  1. I like that headband.
  2. Possibly enough to make a post about wearing it in the future.
  3. I don’t have a lot of hair accessories that go with this top AND with any of my hair.

What do you think? Did you miss my fabulous posts? Are you shocked that there’re more new items besides the hair? (Being honest, I do like the hair, but I also really like the other items from this event. Which is kind of why I bought all of them instead of saving my Gold for useful things.) Are you confused as to why I even like that headband that much? Do you think I should stop wearing expensive hairstyles with everything? Though it’s not like I actually own inexpensive hairstyles that look good… If you have an answer to any of these questions, and even if you don’t, feel free to leave a comment below! 🙂



About Marina

Why do the people who get to the ending of Mii Trek not want to discuss it…like, at all? Sheesh…

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  1. “Are you shocked that there’re more new items besides the hair?” LMAO you’re right all we’ve been doing is praising the hair.
    Love the second one, by the way. 😉

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  2. The 1st one is my favorite. Btw, have seen the birthday card I made you? xD


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