Updated My Art Shop

Due to complaints of prices being too expensive (and no one ever wants to purchase art from me) I’ve changed the shop around a little, and changed the prices! 😛 (By a very little amount, because they were never expensive to begin with.)

They should all be affordable at this point (and if you honestly think it’s still expensive, you probably don’t draw yourself).

Instead of you looking through my shop, I’m going to save your time by listing the prices in a nutshell here.

I’m accepting Gold from Gaia Online and Fantage, DeviantArt Points, and USD. Since this is a Fantage blog, I’m listing Fantage Gold prices, but you can always check the page to see everything else.

Crayon style Chibi is 1000 Fantage gold, 750 each additional character.

Crayon style Chibi headshots is a cheap price of only 500 gold!

Click here for a Chibi example. A headshot would basically just be their head and a bit of their shirt.

The other two chibi styles are 2000 Fantage gold, 1500 for each additional character.

The headshots for those are 1000 Fantage gold.

Here’s one chibi style, and here’s another.

That’s pretty much it. No idea why, but I also added some dividers to the page to make it look cuter, I suppose. I hope you guys order from me! (Although, I bet none of you guys will again.)



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  1. While going in your art shop I saw Vaseline on the header 😛


  2. OMG Your tags though
    The first tag:
    Marina, Mangos, Me, Jared, Nunnally and who am I missing lol

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