Comment le porter – Bunny Earmuffs

Bonjour ! Je m’appelle AnnaArso. Aujourd’hui est très spécial. Pourquoi ? Tu vois, je parle en français ! Je suis désolé si mon français n’est pas bon, je ne parle pas français après l’école. 😛

Le élément de la  journée : Bunny Earmuffs

double cutness happy CUTE AS FRICK HAIR

C’est très mignon ! Je ne sais pas pourquoi les personnes le ne porte pas ! Tu peux acheter Bunny Earmuffs à Hall of Fame. Cettes cheveux sont pour l’hiver, alors habiller pour la neige! 🙂 Ma tenue préféré est le troisième. Quel est ta tenue favori ?

Peux-tu parler en français, où est-ce que tu utilises google translate ? Si tu sais français beaucoup, est-ce que mon français n’est pas bon, ou bon ? S’il vous plait, dites-moi !

Bonne journée, toute la monde ! 🙂



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You asked a good question.

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  1. Je comprenais deux mots dans ce post: Bunny et Cache-oreilles. Ce qui est bizarre, parce que je prenais français pendant quelques mois il ya quelques années, mais ugh … il était horrible ._.


  2. J’ai compris tout ça; il y avait quelques fautes, mais tu as fait très bon! J’aime la deuxième tenue! Maintenant je me souviens de quand Katie a toujours porté ces cheveux… 😆


    • Merci beaucoup! I used BonPatron, but I had no idea what I did wrong with the mistakes it told me. 😛
      Katie wore that hair all of the time? Don’t blame her- it’s lovely.
      But nowadays no one wears it.


      • If you hover over the mistake boxes, it’ll give you an explanation of what you did wrong. 😛
        Yeah, Katie switches between a lot of hairstyles. I think she had that one on in March or April…
        Well, you do! Or at least I’m guessing you will… 😉

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      • I didn’t understand what I had to fix though. I thought it was right. ._.


      • Well, if there’s a red box around something, then you almost definitely have to fix whatever it is. BonPatron normally tells you what to do, but sometimes it can get a little complicated… Like when it tells you to use another verb tense. :/

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  3. Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Afne Bangla bucho nee?


  4. Me tiny brain can no comprehende. o.o


  5. Je ne pas j’adore parle vous francais . Je comprends que certain vous ercrit . Le deux pantalon ma favori .


  6. Je parle francais XD Je suis tres desole pour moi, parce-qui je oublie la signification de mignon

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  7. muy bien anunciar?


  8. Bonjour! Je parle Francais a l’ecole mais j’aime le Google Translate aussi. Et pommes de terre.


  9. le français est amusante! je vais à un école française alors je sais un peu. pour être honnête, j’aime le premier tenue parce que la planche est très mignon ~
    les étiquettes, oh mon dieu j’ai ri si fort.
    “quebec sucks”, “sometimes i rub my french teacher with vaseline”, “what is vaseline in french”
    c’est vrai, j’aime le paris plus que le québec .-. et je veux aussi vraiment savoir ce que “vaseline” est en français. peut-être c’est simplement “vaseline” car c’est un nom propre? je ne sais pas.


    • Oh, the tags were jokes. Besides Quebec- because I’ve been to Quebec and they hate everyone else in Canada. You go there as they basically shun us, and then insult us in French.
      If you see all of my tags in my other posts- they’re clearly satire. LOL.
      Merci beaucoup parce que tu parles en Français! (Tu ne dit pas <>)


  10. according to google translater the last paragraph is absolutely terrible xD
    ex: I do not why the people does not know!

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  11. Google translate gave me this:

    Hello ! My name AnnaArso . Today is very special. Why ? You see, I speak French ! I’m sorry if my French is not good, I do not speak French after school. : P

    The item of the day : Bunny Earmuffs

    Double cutnesshappyCUTE HAIR AS FRICK

    This is very cute ! I do not know why people do not the door! You can buy Bunny Earmuffs Hall of Fame. Cettes hair for the winter , so dress for the snow! 🙂 My favorite outfit is the third. What is your favorite outfit ?

    Can you speak French , where would you use google translate ? If you know much French , is that my French is not good , or good ? Please tell me !

    Good day , the whole world!

    I do not know why people do not the door? LEL


    • Don’t trust google translate.
      Translation, by the writer:
      Hello! My name is AnnaArso. Today is very special. Why? You see, I am speaking in French! I am sorry if my French isn’t good, I do not speak french after school.
      The item of the day: Bunny Earmuffs
      It is very cute! I do not know why people do not wear it! You can buy Bunny Earmuffs in the hall of fame. This hair is for the winter, so dress for the snow! My favourite outfit is the third, what’s your favourite outfit?
      Can you speak French, or are you using google translate? If you speak in French, is my French not good, or good? Please tell me!
      Good day, everyone!

      The door is the same word in french as wear, which is why it translated to the door. Google translate can not translate things when there are two meanings, as they often mix it up.


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