Huh… Great Trick for Gold

You see, recently I got myself a MyMall permission. As a member, I have around 5 slots. So I decided to see if anyone would actually buy these luxury items that you can get from the Hall of Fame, starred. Turns out that they do! O_O

I’ve made like 2,000 gold from this… Already. Not sure about you but that’s a lot for me (considering the highest amount of Gold I ever had was 7,000 eheheh.) And what shocks me is that I sold them STARRED. If you’re a non member, unfortunately you’d have to buy them with eCoins. However, if you’re a member and you’re desperate, just play a few games to get stars, then sell!

Here are hairs that I have successfully sold:

dem hairs

Moral of the story: Most people really don’t know about the Hall of Fame. Take advantage of that and get gold. :^)



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  1. LOL
    I’ll sadly admit that in my first few MyMall days, I actually bought the Pink Streak Ponytail starred…. yes, I was that guy LOL

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  2. ♬ ❀Ameee❀ ♬

    I make gold like that sometimes too
    //but I’m non so I have to use koins >0>

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  3. Hmm, I guess I know what I’ll be doing once I get membership… 😛

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  4. noted for my own $exploits


  5. xD I used to sell starred items too. xD It worked and I’m just like :O People actually buy this stuff… and yeah, well now I’m a non xP Oh well.


  6. my highest gold amount is 47k oOps


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