Ways to Wear It – Animated Frisky Blonde

Remember when we used to do fashion posts on a regular basis? 😮

So, as you all know from my last post, I had about 125,000 Gold burning a hole in my pocketCutieCake was nice enough to help me out with that little problem by letting me buy her frisky for minimum price (21,000). Thanks, CutieCake! Anyway, I’m sure you all see where this post is going, so…

Today’s Item: Animated Frisky Blonde


I know, I know, it’s expensive/hard to get. But for those of you who do have frisky, I’m going to be showing you how to wear it without looking completely generic, i.e. like this:

generic outfit

I can’t believe I actually wore that…

Ahem. On to the actual outfits! Frisky is more of a tomboyish hair, and it doesn’t go very well with any hair accessories, so it’s not as well-suited to really girly outfits. Here’s what I’d wear with it:

I TRIEDpeacefulthis outfit is pretty much a repeat of the first one but oh well

Yes, I know a lot of these outfits have other expensive items (as if frisky weren’t enough to suck up everyone’s money), but you can find some pretty good substitutes at LeShop. 😛

So what do you think? Which outfit is your favorite? Do you even like frisky, or do you think it’s massively overrated for what it is? Are you hoping I won’t keep wearing PM-exclusive items? (But I really like that top…) Or maybe you’re just jelly of all the new things I bought, even though I’m only wearing like three of them in this post. Well, whatever you have to say about this post, as long as it’s not offensive, feel free to say it in a comment below!



About Marina

Why do the people who get to the ending of Mii Trek not want to discuss it…like, at all? Sheesh…

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  1. it’s so fanceh
    //wishes i hadn’t traded mine away
    //worst decision of my life


  2. I like the third outfit 🙂 You’re really good at putting outfits together, Marina.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I like the third the best.
    Honestly, don’t hate me, but I don’t really like that hair… it’s ok, in my opinion, but yeah, I kinda think it’s overrated. :\


  4. Last one looks the best.


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