How to Annoy People at MyMall

For the past couple of days, Casey and I have been hanging out a lot at MyMall. (I guess having membership and Gold sort of revitalized my interest in Fantage…) Anyway, I noticed really quickly that a lot of people at MyMall tend to be…difficult to deal with. Between “scammers” who haven’t done anything, people who stand on top of you, whiny girls who beg for your items, and groups of people who randomly go off to do it with each other behind the Business Center counter, MyMall can be a little overwhelming at times. Have no fear! We’re here to show you the best ways to annoy people back. 😉

Note: While Casey and I acted out the majority of these in a quiet server so you could see what we were doing more clearly, all of these are based on real things we’ve seen in MyMall.

1. If someone stands on you, keep standing on them. And jump.

MyMall is smaller than you think, and unless you can fly (WHICH I CAN’T BECAUSE I USE SAFARI ;-;), it’s almost guaranteed you’ll get stood on sooner or later. You can turn the situation to your advantage if you use your inventory, though, because that automatically puts you in front of the annoying person who decided you weren’t worth filling a space with. But what do you do once you’re on top of that person? Annoy them even more by jumping on them until they move away!



If the person is really annoying, you could follow them around and jump on them even more. Or if you have the scepter from LuckyBot (which I don’t have but want) that lets you change sizes, you could just become really big and stand on them without even doing anything! That’s bound to annoy the person (as well as the fifty or so people right next to them) FOR SURE.

2. Shoot people’s gum.

Have you ever been about to blow the perfect bubble, only to have someone’s arrow come along and pop it right away? Do you think that’s annoying? Well, now it’s time to share that feeling with someone special!

don't mind the crappy quality


For those of you who don’t have the expensive arrow, this might be a little harder, but the bow and arrow you can get from leveling up to 100 is a fine substitute. You just have to position yourself slightly lower than your target. 😉

that's one big bubble

3. When people won’t stop screaming about other people “skjaxmqmjnq” them, be honest.

Now, I have nothing against people who’ve been scammed. But a lot of people on Fantage seem to think “scamming” means “not being happy with a trade”. We actually had the (mis)fortune of running into two girls who each insisted the other was a scammer. As far as I could tell, the only thing that’d happened was that the girls had made a trade – BB hair for Lovely Prom Hair. You have to remember that Casey and I are both from BV, where if you didn’t like a trade you’d done, you either requested a trade back or sucked it up. Fantagians apparently don’t think that makes sense. So the next time you see people complaining about being “scammed” when nothing happened to them, tell them how you really feel.


Disclaimer: This girl does not scam, nor does she skam with a K.

This tip also works for people claiming to have been “hacked”, like the one girl who said someone hacked her…while wearing Movie Star Hair and a bunch of other popular items. Yeah, okay.

4. Is someone you hate begging for items? Wear everything you have that they’re looking for just to get sweet revenge!

At this point, there’s probably at least one person who absolutely, positively gets on your nerves, right? (Hopefully it’s not any of the FM admins…) Well, that person probably really wants an item. Maybe they’ve even asked if anyone is selling that item… If you’re lucky enough to know exactly what that person wants because they keep asking if other people are selling it, wear it and make them jealous. 😉


Of course, the one drawback to this is that the other person might notice what you’re wearing and start begging you for it. Especially if it’s arrow… -_-


But don’t worry! We have just the solution… 😉

5. When all else fails, break out the Vaseline.

Sometimes people just won’t notice your other attempts to annoy them, or maybe they’re ignoring you on purpose. No worries! Every problem has a 100% foolproof solution, including this one. And that solution is exactly what you’d expect, given that this is Fantage Marianna we’re talking about…

Vaseline for sale!

For added effect, wear your most beautiful outfit. Come on, guys, you can do better than I did! I mean, I only changed from the neck up! 😆

But that’s not all, folks! We also have some interesting pictures from the making of this post. For example, this is what happened when Casey tried to beg me for arrow without getting changed first:

when Casey was WEARING her arrow

She was wearing it…

And then we had this guy come over.


The poor thing, stuck wandering around Fantage in December without even having a shirt to wear! 😦 Someone PLEASE send him clothes. Preferably warm winter clothes that leave as little skin exposed to the elements as possible.

We also had a girl say “ew” at us because we had the heart friendship bracelets on. I tried to stand on her (for the first tip) in return for her incredibly sweet, tolerant, and necessary comment, but she wouldn’t stop moving and I accidentally refreshed when trying to take the picture, so I couldn’t get one. -_-

I hope this helped all you fed-up Fantagians out there! If you have any other suggestions for annoying things to do at MyMall, or if you know the minimum price for Vaseline, feel free to leave a comment below! 🙂



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