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  1. I like the first outfit the best. It’s just so cute.

    This was a refreshingly sweet post to see after studying the structure of DNA for the last hour or so 😛


  2. Cute outfits! I think my favorite is the first. 😛
    It’s great to see these posts on my WP reader again! 🙂


  3. I love the first and the second one. 🙂 I missed your posts! 😛


  4. …Wait, those pants exist?
    Where did they come from? o_o


  5. “Did you miss my posts?”
    no I don’t even know your posts


  6. Ugh, the actually stuff I some what like from lucky boy and ccc I never get ._. Btw, I like the third on best :p

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  7. I like the 1st one the best, and best of luck with Japanese! Languages are hard to learn. (I want to learn Japanese, but I don’t like studying and all that, why can’t there be a “learn language fluently in 1 second” button in life?)


  8. Where did u get those pants from???


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