What is the meaning?

This is my first “Christmas with Fantage” and one thing I’ve noticed about this one is they don’t update FT to make it snowy. That was my favorite part about the website I used to be a part of. It’s so adorable to see the changes in the “town”. I also don’t see any holiday sort of event? It’s kind of odd, you’d think this close to Christmas it would happen.


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  1. I’m pretty sure we’re getting a Christmas update on Thursday…
    Fantage doesn’t update waaaay ahead of time like BV did. It’s just how they roll. They didn’t update for Halloween until later on, either. 😛

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  2. i think it’ll change later….


  3. They change it closer to Christmas.


  4. Fantage has been procrastinative (yes I can make up words no problem), reflected in their hairs. Their shading used to be on point, with the correct lighting in certain places and so forth, and now they’re not even decorating the place but only coming out with items that they depended on users to draw, which they poorly pixelized. They won’t even just simply use a snowy background from last year or something. And about the events, they’re honestly getting worse and worse; though they’ve pretty much always been based on items since the first events, now they’re desperately giving out items like FANTAGE. GAME CARD. ITEMS. in the prizes.
    (Small rant that you don’t have to read): I had the star platform board from a Fantage Game Card I bought for 10 cold, hard, dollars. Then, a week later: FANTAGE FRICKIN PUTS IT UP FOR FREE IN THE CHOCOLATE EVENT EURGHH




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