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So I have been hearing and seeing a lot of things about hacking going on and in reading the advice I realize people really don’t understand that much about hacking. On the website I used to go on before it closed down I got hacked. My password was extremely complicated consisting of a lot of symbols like: !@#$@. It was also the max characters allowed for the website, however, it didn’t stop the person who hacked me. They had got into my email and changed my account from my mothers email to mine. The only reason I know they got into my email was because they were telling everyone who I had reported through email. Hacking isn’t as simple to stop as people think it is, its not just guessing a password, its bypassing security, servers, and firewalls. Some people use programs to hack into other people’s accounts, if that is the case, password protection won’t help you at all.

So here are some tips to stop/limit hacking activity:

  1. Don’t share passwords with ANYONE. This includes family or close friends.
  2. Changing your password/making it complicated won’t help anything unless you slipped with your password and that is how they got in. Don’t make passwords too simple, but a complicated password isn’t going to help you.
  3.  If you see suspicious activity change your account over to another email and right away delete evidence, then once again switch it to another email (one no one knows about) and delete the evidence for safety.
  4. If you see suspicious activity switch your items to another account if possible, preferably the items you value the most.
  5. 5. Don’t flaunt or brag about items, this makes you an easy target. No that doesn’t mean you can’t wear your favorite items again it just means don’t brag about it and don’t try to make yourself the center of attention when wearing everything.
  6. After taking safety measures, report the incident to Fantage staff.

These might not even do anything, but it can slow down the process. Also, if you HAVE given out your password to someone you thought you trusted and they have turned against you, that isn’t hacking. You are the one to blame for that one.


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  1. T H A N K Y O U
    No, seriously, nobody seems to know what hacking actually IS. -_-

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  2. Really helpful post.
    No one would want to hack me anyways, though. I got virtually nothing worth hacking, lmao.


  3. Thank you for writing this. I was getting irritated – no one knew what hacking actually is and was giving unsuitable advice.

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  4. Most people do think that if someone they told took their account it’s hacking, and that drives me crazy. Although I don’t think the fifth one really matters, because users like Pinkstardust didn’t get hacked everyday, and they always seemed to be the center of attention. Still a good list.


  5. Ha. I once got a hack THREAT once. It was a direct threat from daniel5465, whom claimed he knew how to get into my account without my password. This was because, and it’s a very stupid reason, I didn’t give him a Fantage Game Card. Before that, I sold him two FGCs for a lot of his gold (300,000) and then the several months afterward, he asked me week after week for if I had bought another FGC, as they aren’t sold where he lives/lived. So when I told him that I bought a few more FGCs and that I’d only let him have one, he got mad and asked for two. I was like, “Nope,” and then, evidently, threatened to hack me. I told him to prove it by hacking one of my girl accounts, and he said, “Well, that account wasn’t the one that offended me.” WHAT THE ACTUAL HECK?! (cough he’s very immature) I deleted him after that and said, “Friends don’t just like, I don’t know, THREATEN TO HACK EACH OTHER!”


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