Sorry I haven’t posted a lot recently, but between Christmas and moving furniture around, I haven’t had a lot of time to go online in general. 😛

Anyway, I’ve been making a fair amount of Gold lately from selling Fantage Comet items at MyMall, so when some girl asked if anyone could donate to her, I said I’d donate. But when I told her to put up hair (the tax item) for 556 Gold, she got a little confused and just…left? I’m trying to help you get the amount of Gold you actually want, but okay then. -_-

Have any of you had similar experiences with donating to others? Do you care about taxes, or do you just take whatever amounts of Gold you get? If you have answers to any of these questions, and even if you don’t, feel free to leave a comment below! 🙂


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  1. misspiggy12093847

    Same! I donate to people sometimes too but sometimes the amount I want to donate doesn’t show up, and they think I’m just kidding or something and leave. And sometimes the taxes bother me, today I sold my Kitty Limo for 7,000 but it only gave me 5,900 because of tax which isn’t much and if I put up for more no one would buy. I wish we didn’t have tax -.-

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    • ikr, the tax rate is HUGE.
      I really try to go by the tax discounts now. -.-


    • Ugh, that must suck. But 556 seemed to show up when I did it (SSjG), so I don’t know why the girl didn’t understand me, since she obviously knew how to speak MyMallian… :/
      Same, but it’s to prevent inflation. 😛 Though it’s really annoying when your friend is trying to give you a specific amount of Gold, and then you only get 15K instead of 20K because of the stupid taxes… -____-


      • You can sell a few items that add up to 20k. I mean you still won’t get the total gold but you’ll get something more than 15k :p


      • True… I think we were trying to do the tax items both times, though, and I didn’t have a lot of whatever they were on both days. :/


  2. I think taxes are too high, but when I donate, I don’t donate 556 so the person gets exactly 500. I just give them 500, even if it means they only get 450… it’s not that much of a difference. Yes, taxes are annoying, but if you say 500, then I’m only gonna give 500. They might not be gaining exactly 500, but you’re losing exactly 500. Smh


    • It’s a bigger difference than it looks, actually… If the person has no Gold, 450 won’t get them anything, but 500 will. Not that I think you should spend Gold when you only have 500, but yeah. :/
      Though in the same vein, 56 Gold can be a pretty big difference, too. It all depends on the amount of Gold both parties have, really… 😛

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      • Hm, I guess that makes sense. But if the person wants 500 exactly, I think they should make sure the donater at least knows that they’re expected to pay tax as well.


      • Honestly, I don’t think many people care… They just expect 450 when they ask for 500. 😛

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      • I expect 450 when I sell stuff for 500, but I mean if people are asking for donations, the person donating is nice enough to give them gold, so if that 50 makes a big difference, then it would be nice to give a heads up that they’re going to give 556 rather than 500. xP It doesn’t really matter much to me how much I donate, but I would kinda want someone to tell me beforehand that they want tax included.
        For example: If someone was selling me something for 5,000 but with tax I would have to pay 7,000 I would want the seller to at least tell me that they expect me to pay the tax part as well. Ya know? But when it comes to donating 500 I don’t really care whether it’s 500 or 556 or whatever. xD


      • Well, yeah. I personally don’t mind if someone asks me to donate 500 Gold and then puts an item up for 556, but it could get a bit trickier for more expensive stuff. I guess that’s why both parties have to TALK about what’s being donated first…which the girl didn’t want to do with me, apparently. :/

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  3. Me in a nutshell. *person adds me* “HI CAN YOU DONATE” *deletes them*


  4. i donate without taxes

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  5. I was once confused by that myself. I won a fashion show and the girl was going to give me 1,000 Gold but told me to post a board for 1,118 so I was like, “Hey, she’s probably giving me more Gold.” Then I noticed the Tax and You will get and it said I’d get 1,000, so that made sense once I put an item at that price.
    I rarely ever just leave on people who are buying/selling but I had one person leave on me in the middle of that trade, aka scamming. I only leave when someone’s being stupid and they post something for higher than the price we negotiated for it. I ran into a lot of those people.


    • Well, that was nice of her to give you the extra Gold… 😛 But yeah, a lot of people on Fantage are stupid. What do they expect is going to happen when they put items up for higher? At least make some crappy excuse about the tax or something…

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  6. when i usually donate/someone donates to me, they usually just put the actual price (gives 4,000 to other player, and she receives 3,800 gold or something). a long time ago when i traded with carly, and she gave me extra gold but that was just the tax


    • I’m pretty sure that’s what most people do. I just wanted to give the girl extra because 450 vs. 500 Gold can make a pretty big difference, especially if you’re just starting out at MyMall (which she could’ve been considering what she was selling)… But she didn’t understand me, so. :/


  7. I think it’s just easier to include takes all together because we can’t even type real numbers I think on fantage we use to be able to but I thinnk people started giving out passwords they should honestly just and one o those safe chat things with prices it would make everything so much easier. I mean typing 1,000 is easier then 556


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