Advice Part 2: Admins Casey and Marina

I am trying to wait for at least three each time but these are both long so I thought might as well. Keep sending in asks here! Sorry I keep taking all the questions, I am just so excited about it! xD Please be on the look out for old advice posts because the other admins might add their sides to different questions. Check the last post to see Marina’s side.

Marina: I’ll be adding my comments if I have anything to say that Casey hasn’t already covered!


How can I make myself put trust in my friends again? A few years ago, my best friend told a secret of mine to the whole grade and everybody still knows it to this day, although they rarely tease me about it anymore… they teased me before, though. I have this secret built up in me (I’ve had it for a year or two now) and I just really want to get it off of my chest and tell one of my friends and maybe they could help me with my problems, but I have a fear it’ll get out again and I’ll suffer… What can I do?

First of all, a true friend wouldn’t do that. But, if you are at a younger age things like this are bound to happen. A lot. It is hard to trust someone and you may never fully be able to trust the same person again, but you shouldn’t be afraid to tell your friends if something bothers you. That is when you find out if they are real friends or not. I suggest telling them and seeing how they react, if it gets out again there is really nothing you can do but remember that school is temporary and so is this issue. After you graduate, it is likely you’ll never see those people again so don’t stress about the negativity. Just be open and honest with them and determine if they are really your friend or not. Also, if this friend has some something similar with other people and/or treated you badly another time in the past, chances are she isn’t really your friend and she won’t ever change. I hope this helped! ❤


I’m a little uncomfortable around people who cuss. I’ve asked my mom how to deal with this and she says to be straightforward and tell a person, “If you’re my friend, don’t say those words around me,” but I’m afraid that’s too strong of a confession. I don’t care that it’s “cool” to cuss with some people and that I’d get hated for, say, telling on a person using strong language, but how do I smoothly get some of my friends not to use profanity around me? It may not even have to be verbally; what do I do?

Before I go into detail about handling this situation, I must say there are a lot of reasons why people cuss, it might not even be because it is “cool”. It could be from tourettes ,in some cases and it could be a conditioned response, in others it could be how they blow off anger. But I know how you feel. My best friend hates cursing, and while I don’t do it a lot, I do it sometimes. I knew it bothered her and she would tell me to stop if it did. For real life friends you can try talking about it with them. They should respect that it does bother you. You probably shouldn’t tell on the person because that’s not cool. I suggest going to your friends and saying something like, “Hey, do you mind not cursing around me? I am sorry but it bothers me!” If they agree to do that then condition them by speaking up whenever they curse. Don’t do it in a mean way, just point it out and remind them that you don’t like it. However, you can’t always solve this problem and in most cases it’s best to just ignore language that bothers you unless it turns into a form of bullying, in that case I say speak up to an adult. Online friends should be simple to deal with, you should be able to tell them and they should watch what they type. However, if they don’t they were never really your friend. I hope this helped. ❤
Marina: Well, first of all, I have to say it’s kind of ironic you’re coming to us for this, haha. 😛 If you don’t like swearing, speak up about it. I used to hate it when people swore around me, and I let them know. Other than that I really don’t have a ton to say since Casey covered everything so well. 🙂

Hey guyssssssssssssss

Hi Hannah. xD

Marina: Hey, Hannah! 🙂


Why did you make this account? –

영주 (Hannah)

Marina: I wasn’t online for this, but apparently it was to counteract some of the other negativity going around. And, y’know, Casey likes giving people advice. 😉

Omg Marina! XD Yes, I do love to give people advice. It was actually a mix of my idea and Jared’s idea, I want to counter negative energy by bringing in some positive energy.


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