Advice Part 3: Admin Casey


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How do I make friends in the blogging community? I feel like everyone has their own squad and stuff and I don’t want to intrude

Honestly, to make some friends in any situation you’re going to have to intrude at least slightly. If you see a post someone made that you want to talk to, don’t be afraid to comment on it. You don’t have to jump into the middle of someone’s conversation just leave a kind comment or something similar. Even though everyone on here does seem to have their own squad, most people are willing and open to the idea of gaining more friendships. Just take a chance! If they get mad at you, they obviously weren’t worth a second of your time. I hope this helped. ❤


I’ve been friends with this person for a long time, but lately it feels like we can’t agree on anything and that we have nothing in common. I want to keep being friends, but I feel like we’re growing apart… What should I do?

It’s normal to grow apart from a friend no matter how long you guys have been together. You don’t exactly need to be best friends anymore, you can be friendly acquaintances and such. When friendships grow apart, there is nothing you really can do. It’s better to let the drift happen instead of trying to pull the two of you close together. If you do that, it will only end in a completely fractured friendship, because when a split starts occurring it might be caused by someone or both friends finding who they are and who they are might not be the person they once were. You guys are still growing  and nothing lasts forever, the important parts are the memories you guys have made together as well as the laughs and good times. Just let the drift happen and see what life brings you next. I hope this helped.  ❤


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  1. Cool!
    And whoever asked the first one, definitely intrude. Say hi to people! Start a conversation! 😀 Good luck. 🙂


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