Advice Part 4: Admins Marina and Casey

Hey, guys! Since Casey is in the shower right now, I’m going to be sneaky and take the questions this time. So instead of my comments being in my signature blue, they’re just going to be…normal. 😛

Remember, you can ask us for advice at our page! In fact, we’d really love you if you did. 😉

Casey: Man Marina how dare you steal my thunder! So I will be writing in green since Marina is writing normal.

Marina: And for those of you on the WP Reader who can’t see colors, I’ve added Casey’s name to the stuff she’s said. 😛

How do you make friends?

Do you mean me personally? Well, I guess I’m fairly outgoing, so I just go up to someone and introduce myself, maybe ask what the other person is doing and/or if I can join in if it’s something that multiple people can do. It’s the same thing for me online, more or less (though I honestly find Fantage a bit daunting to make friends in since there’re so many people there…). Just don’t be afraid to approach people and get to know them a little bit!

Casey: You can make friends in many different ways. If it’s in real life, I highly suggest talking to people you see alone or the new kids in school. Online, I suggest just trying to talk to people who seem friendly or like to make people laugh and make people happy.

Have you made any new friends in the blogging world?

Do you mean in general or since the last advice post? In general, I’ve met almost all of my friends I talk to regularly through FTWP. ;D

Casey: Not really no, I tend to keep to myself though. I am willing to engage if others talk to me first, but I will usually not be the one to instigate a conversation.


What do you guys have in common? 🙂 – Hannah again

Well, as far as I know, we all have similar personalities. Anna and I also like a lot of the same games (Tomodachi Life is one example). All four of us like anime, but our tastes vary since “anime” means so many different kinds of shows these days. Uh…our opinions on certain things are usually similar, I think? 😛

Casey: Marina and I are basically twins. All four of us have the same humor. I am not sure what else we have in common though.

Who is Fantage Confessions?

We don’t know.

Why is your name FantageMarianna but not a name with all your names combined?

When we created this blog (during all of the Rop drama), it was just Anna and me. Casey and Nunnally didn’t join in until a little later. By the time they did join, we’d already picked out a name. 😛

Do you like music?

Not as much as other people, but yeah! My tastes in music are a little weird, though. 😆

Casey: Love it. A little more than is healthy I suppose. I have to clean out my iPod every few weeks to stay below 800 songs. ;-; I love a bunch of genres, I am sure everyone knows that I do enjoy kpop, I like jpop/jrock, post-core, electronic, alternative, screamo. Etc. The list just keeps going. I have also been to about 24 concerts (I lost track) and own more than 40 band shirts. I have a bit of a problem when it comes to music. My favorite bands are Day6, Ghost Town, and Pierce The Veil.


About Marina

Why do the people who get to the ending of Mii Trek not want to discuss it…like, at all? Sheesh…

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  2. I seem pretty friendly and outgoing online, but in real life I have such trouble making friends. I’m very, very, painfully quiet. 😛


    I love music and all but I hate going to concerts. I’m too introvertive for that. XD


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