Meeting an Admin and Getting in the Comet

Sorry this isn’t a post about the new outfits, guys! I know that’s what most people were expecting, but I want to talk about something else today…seeing an admin on Fantage! 😛

So some of you might’ve read Sally’s post about her getting to talk to an admin. Well, I was on the same server as Sally about five minutes after she posted that, so I wondered if I’d run into the admin…but I didn’t actively search for her. Well, I obviously didn’t need to, because almost right away, she came to MyMall!

meeting an admin

If you can’t see me in that picture, it’s because Sally is standing on me. 😆 And the admin didn’t really talk to me or anyone at MyMall, but oh well.

Anyway, I took a picture on Fantage and sent it in, just because I do that most of the time I take pictures on Fantage instead of on my computer, and then I left.

Then, later on, I was looking at my IDFone, saw I’d leveled up, checked my medals…and noticed I had something called “Editor’s Choice”. What? o_O


Knowing it was a Comet-related medal, I checked the Comet, and lo and behold, I found this…

being in the Comet

Wow…uh…I didn’t think that’d get in… I mean, this is the newspaper known for only posting submissions from people with seven times as many levels as I have… So yay? 😛

CutieCake got in, too, so congrats to her! 🙂


We’re wearing the same scarf, too. 😮

So yeah, I wouldn’t have posted this, but the Comet doesn’t have archives like the BV Times (Bearville’s newspaper) used to and I did want to put these pictures somewhere. And for the people who wanted me to post about the outfits, uh…CutieCake has the new hair I like on…so…there’s that? 😀

Have you ever seen an admin on Fantage? Have you been in the Comet before, or are you part of the 99.9999999% of Fantagians who aren’t actually in the Hall of Fame and therefore don’t get picked for all this stuff? Well, regardless of whether you have or haven’t done all these things, feel free to leave a comment below!



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  1. I’ve seen Admin ‘Z’ before, lol ‘Z’ how would they pronunce it ‘Zee’ or ‘Zedd’

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  2. Never met an admin, never tried to get into the Comet. xD I’ve submitted pictures but they always seemed to pick pictures that said “wow downtown is crowded” and I’m like… o.o Ok, then.

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    • Yeah… I forgot to mention this, but aside from the high-leveled people’s stuff, they also LOVE to pick the submissions from the people with the world’s worst grammar. I wonder if Roise oversees the Comet, then… -_-

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      • And the Member of the Week (or whatever it’s called), I’ve noticed they only pick people from 2007-2010. It seems kind of biased if you ask me. ._.

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      • What, the Comet? Biased? NO WAY! 😮 Of COURSE they treat everyone equally! That’s why there are ALWAYS people who joined in 2015/16 and/or people with low levels in there! 😮
        (They also use the same wording for the Member of the Week, too. There was one girl who had 11 pets or some other low number, and apparently that’s the maximum number you can get now! All the other pets are JUST IN OUR IMAGINATIONS. :o)

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      • I meant in the Members section. :\ I’ve never seen anyone from like 2013 in there. But everything else I think is pretty fair, sorry I made that kinda confusing. xP I don’t think “biased” was the right word but I found it weird that there’s only been Members of the Week who joined in the super early years…
        I enjoy looking through the Comet though sometimes. 🙂 The contests are interesting to look through.


      • Oh, I was being sarcastic for most of that. I don’t mind looking through the Comet once in a while, but it annoys me (mainly as someone who joined Fantage in 2015) that newer users never ever seem to get to be in anything. I miss the Bearville Times where you could look through the photos in the back and KNOW just about everyone in the pictures… :/

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      • xP Sarcastic or not, I meant what I said. XD (It’s hard to detect sarcasm when typing lol). I don’t go on Fantage Comet often either, but when I do, I usually only look at the contest winners (because those aren’t really biased :P), but I do find Members of the Week have only been from like the early years smh (as I’ve mentioned many times).


  3. i’ve met an admin before, but i’m not sure which one. it’s one of the boys, and it was sometime in 2013.

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    • Ooh, cool! 🙂
      I honestly don’t even know how many admins there are, and I don’t think I could tell who was who if you gave me a list of them, anyway… 😛


  4. i saw z and peaboy before 😛
    and CONGRATS



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  6. I’ve seen a few admins, two or three, I think.
    And of course the admin has MSH and another admin I’ve seen had an outfit that’s nonexistent.

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  7. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve met admins. Z is my personal favorite. Also, I made it into the comet once during the unicorn event, that’s about it.


    • Wow… Do the admins come on that often? 😛 And I remember seeing you in that then, so congrats! 🙂

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      • They used to, now it’s rare to see one. (I’m one of those people that remember being at parties and playing games with admins there.) Also, one user had said they saw the owner of Fantage on. They said it had the admin star, but said owner instead. The owner never spoke though…

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