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  1. I’ll just do these randomly for fun, if you don’t mind.

    Is your favourite book character… Jem from The Infernal Devices?


  2. ill answer randomly
    deasung melac
    no skirt?
    below 800 😛
    (im stalking you)
    day 6 ,ghost town , pierce the viel
    you dont like diseny land
    yeah u went to a lot of concerts
    sorry for unorginzied comment and spelling mistakes


  3. i may or may not have answered this with MY answers since i don’t know you well aha oops —

    1. percy jackson ?
    2. wonpil?
    3. bias… i know this is like fave kpop person or something, but i don’t listen to kpop so idk… Kang Dae-seong <looked him up, maybe it's him?
    4. let's see, i'd say… either 700 or 900.
    5. your lie in april? fairy tail? attack on titan? uta no prince? kuroko no basket? host club? black butler? death note? tokyo ghoul? hunter x hunter? angel beats? idk.
    6. fall out boy, panic! at the disco, 5 seconds of summer?
    7. i'd say… yeah, why not?
    8. fall out boy? twenty one pilots? my chemical romance? (cries)
    9. …sure?
    10. no skirts.


  4. ohmigosh im not even gonna try because i know virtually nothing about you
    a while back i even wondered if you were a male or female
    i should shut up now


    1. Jem and/or Malec
    2. Wonpil
    3. Daesung and his yep
    4. too many
    5. Kamisama Kiss
    6. Day6, Day6, Day6…and Twice?
    8. BigBang, Blood on the Dance Floor (BECAUSE I HAD TO MENTION IT), Paradise Fears, I could go on but you wanted me to stop at three…
    9. Sure?
    10. Not really.


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