Small Contest Winner(s??)

Here are the right answers, which if you read my posts on FM it should have been at least halfway easy:

  1. Who is my favorite book character?
    1. Jem Carstairs
  2. Do I like Sunjin or Wonpil more?
    1. Sungjin
  3. Who is my ultimate bias?
    1. Kang Daesung. Please. this was only the easiest question.
  4. About how many songs are on my iPod? (Rough estimation, closest one will be counted)
    1. Exactly 809
  5. What is my favorite anime?
    1. Kamisama Kiss
  6. Name my top three favorite bands/groups.
    1. Any of these would have counted: Day6 (if you didn’t have this it was a no-no) Twice, Ghost Town, or Pierce The Veil
  7. Am I the type who is willing to go to an American pop concert?
    1. Answer is a big fat no.
  8. Can you name 3 bands I’ve seen live?
    1. As many answers as I could remember: Jonas Brothers, Hannah Montana (I was like 8), Tsquad, Nat n Alex, Care Bears On Fire, Tiffany Gardinia (or something like that too lazy to google), Boys Like Girls, Parachute, All American Rejects, Allstar Weekend, Paradise Fears, The After Party, Before You Exit, Vegas Is North, Greenlight District, We Are The In Crowd, The Ready Set, The Downtown Fiction, Blood On The Dance Floor, Pierce The Veil, Sleeping With Sirens, Ghost Town, Black Veil Brides, One Ok Rock, Get Scared, Breathe Carolina, BigBang
  9. Do I like Disneyland?
    1. No
  10. Do I like wearing skirts?
    1. Lol no.



deasung *Accepted*

no skirt? *Accepted*
below 800 😛  *Accepted*
(im stalking you)
day 6 ,ghost town , pierce the viel *Accepted*
you dont like diseny land *Accepted*
sunjin *accepted*
yeah u went to a lot of concerts

Total Score: 6


1. Jem and/or Malec *Accepted*
2. Wonpil
3. Daesung and his yep *Accepted*
4. too many
5. Kamisama Kiss *Accepted*
6. Day6, Day6, Day6…and Twice?
8. BigBang, Blood on the Dance Floor (BECAUSE I HAD TO MENTION IT), Paradise Fears, I could go on but you wanted me to stop at three… *Accepted*
9. Sure?
10. Not really. *Accepted*

Total Score: 6

Congrats you guys tied and win the prize. For the others, thanks so much for trying! And pay attention to our posts! I might hold something like this again. Also most of the answers were splattered all over my personal blog haha.


About 「デイ♡シクス」ohmydae

Basically I enjoy Kpop, Jpop, vocaloid, and anime.

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  1. yay 😀
    could’ve looked for more but it was 12 pm 😛

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