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  1. WHAT IF
    I PAID TWICE THE PRICE (no rhyme intended)
    … Did you consider raising your prices? They were pretty low, tbh. 😛

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    • Oh, when they were first opened they were doubled the price. No one ordered. Ever.
      I lowered it again, and people were commenting on how pricey they where.
      Finally lowered it as low as I possibly could without feeling like I’m doing a crap ton for nothing, and that’s the result!
      I’d raise the price but it’d bring complaints. I might accept gold, but for a ridiculous amount, everyone might as well order from Ameee or someone else lol

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  2. can you draw kanade tachibana? from the anime angel beats! ?


    • Sure! Will try to do this tonight.
      ….you’re seriously the only one who requested.
      ………………………………..alrighty then


  3. ♬ ❀Ameee❀ ♬

    //can u draw a sexy guy in a suit for me pls lmao ;; w ;;


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