Daily Fashion 01/10/16

First daily fashion of the year, oh yeah!

Today’s Topic: Semi Formal

I don’t know if other places in the world has it, but semi formal is basically prom but after the first semester exams. You’d think in the title you don’t have to be formal, but that’s just the title. Truth is, all girls will be applying 3482318948215349173819 layers of makeup, and wearing either the most revealing dresses or fancy dresses. So yeah, be formal, and make sure the food you eat doesn’t go on your clothes!

semi formal my ass

There’s not much to say about this topic, except that semi formal is overpriced and I will not be attending it. I plan on going with one of my best friends to a restaurant after exams, because it’s much cheaper and we won’t have to wear stupid dresses to impress people. :>

If you have it and you are attending, have fun!



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  1. oo nice outfit 😀
    nah dont have it here

    Liked by 1 person

  2. is theblueyoshi your guy acc? 😮 or whun?


  3. Yeah, semiformals aren’t a thing here. 😛
    Cute outfits, though! I seem to remember seeing your dress somewhere… 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  4. yea same I’m not going to semi too


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