Monthly Archives: February 2016

What to Do with 1-3 Dollars?

So my prepaid cards will expire soon, and I have absolutely no idea what to purchase with them.

One of them has $1.13 CAD, which isn’t worth a lot… At all. Probably like 77 cents USD. Another one has $3.10 USD. I have no idea what to purchase with them. You can really only buy things that cost $5+.

Unfortunately I can’t combine or reload cards, so I’m pretty much stuck. I don’t have a bank account, so I can’t really give money to one.

Unless someone can suggest a REALLY good idea… I am pretty much going to offer something: I will give people money for their gold. I know at this point it’s pretty much illegal, but we can be quiet, right? 😉 and fantage doesn’t provide a 1 dollar option so i mean it’s their loss

I’m NOT going to give you the card because it has my information, but I’ll transfer money to your account. Just tell me how much gold you’re willing to offer and I’ll think about it.

But tbh, I’d rather have people suggest things, because I’m not too big on Fantage anyways.

There are websites like Humblebundle, but I am really not interested in any games they have offered recently.


Marina’s MyMall Adventures

I know you guys are used to Casey doing these, but this girl I just had the “pleasure” of talking to was so idiotic, I felt I had to share this story.

So I went to MyMall today and, almost right away, this girl started screaming “IS SO-AND-SO A SCAMMER?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!” only with a lot of “awesome”s attached. So I started saying “no trade no problem” like I normally do when there’re people whining about scamming. And…the girl got really mad at me and told me to GTFO. So I said it was her fault if she got scammed. Guess what her reply was?

“But I have Instagram!”

Yes, Instagram magically protects you from being scammed now. It doesn’t matter if someone tries to get you to give them movie star hair for the minimum price in exchange for fake money or something. Nope, if you have Instagram, you’re all good! -_-

…Seriously, the amount of stupidity in MyMall is astounding. 🙄