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  1. i hope its good
    i really hope so..
    nop i have too much of a life xD


  2. No , but i have lower expections for fantage nowadays


      • idk when i just look at the game now I just don’t expect that much from them. If they make an amazing event then I’ll just me 10x more suprised


      • To be fair, it IS a lot of work for them to get new things out every week without ever really stopping to take a break. Even when there isn’t an event going on (and there is for around 40 weeks of the year), there’s an update for the shops or the rare items. At least if you don’t like the events Fantage is having now, you can expect all kinds of different ones throughout the year. 😛

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      • That’s true , I feel like the summer events are best events those are the ones I usually look foward too

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      • Well, I think the people at Fantage realize they have to put in even more effort for the summer events, since most people will be off from school and therefore have more time to go on Fantage. 😛
        I hope they bring back Light Up this year…

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      • Yea Light out was good but the only flaw was the teams thing because the team that would usually win would be determined by the first 10 minutes of the next day.


      • But the good part was the event was long enough that all the teams managed to win a similar enough amount of times. 😛 Also, the medal was easy to get. ;D


  3. There’s a medal list? :O
    (And in this comment, we see yet another example of Kat’s newbishness. What a surprise.)

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  4. yayy!! new event!! it better have some awesome items!!
    //starts trying to save gold

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