Has anything similar happened to any of you? If so post in the comments your experience.


Okay so, this girl is obsessed with my items or something. This girl has tried to add me a couple times and I usually say no. But the other day, I stupidly said yes. So she comes at me “are you trading this? are you trading that?” I keep telling her no and the questions don’t stop. So I stop replying. I thought I removed her but I guess I didn’t? And the next day she spams me with her kiosk number. Annoyed, I removed her. Today, I was on Fantage and like I have said before, I enjoy adding people to see what items they want from me. I added the person who requested me. It was not the same name as the person but she messaged me, “hey its ____”. I waited and removed her. Then she asked me out loud why I keep removing her. Maybe because I save my friends list for people who actually talk to me?


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  1. Omg I added someone who had later always asked me if I had ____ for cheap or for donations. I deleted her soon after. o.o Those kinds of people are so annoying.

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  2. I added a known scammer once… I didn’t realize who she was for months… Then I removed her. 😛 She always tries to re-add me on both of her accounts now… -_-

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  3. I have one of those “friends,” or should I say, “beggar.” OMG
    He begs me all the time for coined items I have, as well as a ton of other guys. But then he later tells me that he’s gotten that item in particular from (insert name of guy who had the same item I did here), and that’s a relief. And it seems he’s really critical about my items because, when I do sell him an item (which happens rarely), he thanks me a thousand times and gets super excited. BUT WHAT’S REALLY IRRITATING IS THAT HE NEVER WEARS THE ITEM AFTER THAT DAY EVER AGAIN.
    But it gets better – soon he starts wanting another one of my items. If I tell him it’s not for sale, he’ll give me a bunch of cheap trade offers. If I say no to those, he’ll eventually go through his entire inventory filled with poop from LB and CCC.
    I got tired of it and deleted him, hoping I wouldn’t see him again because he’d start asking me *questions*. Unsurprisingly, I DID see him again and he overreacted over me deleting him and verbally forced me to add him back and made me promise not to delete him again. For some reason I just can’t ignore him but I want to pretty much ban him from my vision. >.<
    Another thing that's really annoying is that he says "LOL" all. The. Time.
    Him: hi!!!! luke
    Him: do you hajv
    Him: co!ned red snjyeakers
    Him: LOL
    Me: nfs sry
    Him: how about ft
    Him: LOL
    Me: offer?
    Him: starred summer?
    Him: LOL
    etc. etc.
    Well, he doesn't go on very often anymore, sooo I think I can finally delete him and –NEVER– add him ever again. Unless he comes back to donate a million Gold to me.


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